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  1. hyflyt

    2007 DR650 will come in BLACK!!!

    What colors will the V Strom sport? Thinking of adding that, or a BMW R 1150, to keep the DR company in the garage. When I get a second bike, I need a new helmet right? (Keep in mind, will show this thread to the Ol' Ball n Chain for justification.)
  2. hyflyt

    2007 models

    Any info on when the 07's will be out? I'm looking into either a V Strom or BMW. I read where the DR 650's will be in showrooms in July.
  3. I took a bee into my helmet today. It ended up at the bottom portion of my visor. I'm alergic, so panic mode was high. I ordered a helmet skirt, but the circumference of the skirt was too small for my XL Arai Astral helmet. Any suggestions on what might work?
  4. hyflyt

    Skid Plates?

    Yeah, what's the deal with Dual Star?! I've had one on order for about 4-5 weeks now. Do they make each one only after it's been ordered? Not real impressed with that...it better be damn good!
  5. hyflyt

    Did the 600 mile tune myself

    Someone in another thread told me to do my own tune ups. Thanks for that advice as it was very easy by just following the maintenance manual. And, as suggested, I used the $150+ I saved to buy some new tools to help the process (but who needs an excuse to hang out in the Craftsman section at Sears?!). Here's some things I found. 1. Some exhaust system bolts/nuts were well under recommended torque. 2. The handle bar clamps were not spaced evenly about the bar. On each, one side of the clamp was touching. 3. Valves were within spec. 4. Numerous other (minor) bolts/nuts were under recommended torque. The only thing I haven't done is check the idle RPM. What tool do I "need" to go buy and how do I set it up?
  6. hyflyt

    Best pack for Pro Moto rear rack???

    I posted this on the general forum, but wanted to specifically ask the question of the DR650 pilots. I recently installed the Pro Moto Billet rack to my DR 650. What types of packs has anyone found any luck with installing on it? Someone on another thread mentioned the Nelson-Rigg Expandable Sport. Any others?
  7. I recently installed the Pro Moto Billet rack to my DR 650. What types of packs has anyone found any luck with installing on it? Someone on another thread mentioned the Nelson-Rigg Expandable Sport. Any others? Thanks, John
  8. hyflyt

    DR 650 Valve adjustment...HELP!

    Thanks for all the replies, although I cannot find on Jesse's site where that tool set is located. Another crank question: Is turning the crank counter clockwise turning the engine in its normal direction, i.e. just as if it were running? John, you mentioned I could be 180 degrees out...does this mean that two complete revolutions completes the entire 4-stroke cycle? Thanks, John
  9. hyflyt

    DR 650 Valve adjustment...HELP!

    I've heard of other guys buying the feeler guage stock. Where do you get that stuff? I looked on the ronayers site and could not find that tool.
  10. hyflyt

    DR 650 Valve adjustment...HELP!

    1. If I turn the crank counter clockwise until the T is in the inspection window, is that always going to be TDC of the compression stroke? 2. How the heck do you maneuver your body and hands to get a feeler gauge in there...particularly the exhaust side? I've removed the pertinent blades from the set, but I'm still finding it difficult to find the right approach into the valves. Thanks, John
  11. hyflyt

    repair manuals

    PM me with your email and I'll send the PDF file that I have. I still haven't figured out if it's valid for use on the 06' DR. The repairmanual.com site has a manual for 96-06, but it's not in stock and is on back order.
  12. hyflyt

    repair manuals

    On the repairmanual.com site, the DR 650 manual is on back order. Any one know how long the wait would be? I downloaded the manual that was linked in another thread...is this the same manual? Can I use it for my 06'?
  13. hyflyt

    Model suffix

    The pdf file maintenance manual I downloaded has a section for "DR 650 SE V/W/X/Y" and another section for "DR 650 SE K1". What are the additional designations after "SE"?
  14. hyflyt

    Pro Moto Rack

    No, not in Oregon...no trees.
  15. hyflyt

    Another manual question

    I downloaded the maint manual from the following link. It appears it's for a 96...is this the same info I would use for my 2006? http://www.deakin.edu.au/individual...=~mic/DR650.pdf Thanks, J PS, it took about 30 minutes to download, but it looks like a complete manual if anyone is interested.