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  1. Took my carb off to rejet and so on, and have put it back on the bike (into intake manifold- airbox/sub frame still off bike) and i cant seem to figure out how the throttle cable connects. There are two cables (obviously opening and closing of throttle) and when i put them into the appropriate grooves so that throttle operation is somewhat normal, there is a huge amount of free play when that particular cable is not being pulled. Also, there is a little metal bracket (kinda L shaped) with two small holes attached to the thing where free play can be adjusted, which i dont know what it does or where it goes! I didnt adjust the freeplay when i removed them, just moved the carb. Any help would be much appreciated, as this is really PISSING ME OFF!! concerned newbie.
  2. AusXR

    Gordon's Mods for XR400

    Ive got a 2001 model and am in the process of doing GMODS. Ive removed the airbox snorkel, replaced the air filter, begun grinding out the headers (by hand! due to shops being closed today), and have removed the sub frame for abit of a look-see. My question is, how do you change the main jet and pilot jet? Do I have to remove the carb altogether and what steps are involved in replacing them? When i bought the bike the baffle was gone, meaning ringing ears and suprised motorists! Now it has a homemade one (think a bit of pipe with washers welded to the inside) while waiting on a new one!