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  1. asheets473

    Any 250x valve problems?

    My teenage son has '07 250X with about 60 hours on it and the valves are shot. Bike is in the garage and will not start. Valves adjusted three or four times prior to this problem, so I know it is a valve problem. Friend with an '06 has also had the same problem, he has already replaced valves once. Service on both bikes was done frequently, including oil and filter changes and air filter cleaning. I do not think this problem is due to maintanance.
  2. asheets473

    Anybody else do this?

    Thanks, that makes me feel a little better. I will try your suggestion. Thanks again for the help.
  3. asheets473

    Anybody else do this?

    XJger, I just sheared the countershaft bolt on my brand new 450 EXC-R. Along with feeling like an idiot, I am wondering how much this is going to cost me. How much did you spend to get your bike fixed? I am assuming this is not covered by the warranty. Any information you can share would be helpful. Thanks.
  4. Did the change to the 14/50 sprockets allow you to run the stock chain? I also just made the switch from a DRZ to a EXCR 450 and am thinking about what mods to make.
  5. asheets473

    Fire Roads in Vrginia?

    Thanks for the information on the fire roads. I was trying to determine if it is worth the effort to put a plate on the CRF250X that I am purchasing for my son within the next couple of weeks. It sounds as if it would be worthwhile to buy a dual sport kit for the bike. My DRZ400 is already street legal so that would not be an issue. For those of you that offered to show me around, let me get the new Honda and I will take you up on your offer. As to the chances of running into a ranger on a non licensed bike, I remember a trip I took over 20 years ago with my KTM motocrosser. It seemed that on that day we ran into a ranger every hour or so, despite loading up and moving to a different trail everytime we got caught. Not a very pleasant day. That was over 20 years ago and I would think the number of rangers has probably increased in that time.
  6. asheets473

    Fire Roads in Vrginia?

    I have heard that there are many fire roads or trails in the Charlottesville and Stanton area that are accessible if you have a licensed dirt bike. Does anyone have directions to a starting point for these trails? I know that going West on Interstate 64 you can see numerous trails off to the right in the Waynesboro area but I am not sure how to get to them. Any suggestions on where to connect with these trails, if they are rideable? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. asheets473

    Wanna Ride?

    There is a site similar to what you are proposing in Surry, VA. Slades Park charges $15.00 a head per day to ride. I have not been there on a weekend but I have been told they routinely get about 100 riders per day on the weekend. Slades is okay but I do not believe they have as much land as you do. They have a website if you are interested. I am in Richmond but I would be interested if you get your track up and running.
  8. asheets473

    Newbie from Midlothian, Va

    My son and I have recently purchased bikes and have tried Slades and the Peddler riding area in the George Washington National Forest. We much prefered Peddler, even though it is further away. Peddler has at least twice the lenght of trails than what is available at Slades (25 miles vs 12 miles). Slades did not recommend we come on a weekend due to number of bikes that show up on Saturday and Sunday. Peddler was not very crowded this past Saturday. Would still like to find something closer to Richmond.
  9. asheets473

    DRC light is awesome!

    After reading this thread concerning the DRC light, I made my purchase from Wheeling. I had looked at various other brands (Acerbis, Baja Design) but after reading the opinions on this thread I finally made up my mind. Glad I went with the DRC light, it looks great, was easy to mount, and the service from Wheeling was excellent. Thanks for everyone's input.
  10. asheets473

    Choke Question

    Thanks for the suggestions. I removed the floats, pulled out the float needle and used carburetor cleaner to flush out the hole that the float needle sits in. After reassembling the carb, there was no improvement, the gas still overflows from the overflow hose. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. asheets473

    Choke Question

    I just bought my son a '05 CRF230 with very few hours and no owners manual. I plan to order a manual shortly but everytime the bike is run, gas overflows from the overflow hose on the float bowl. I will be adjusting the air screw per directions found on other threads but I was wondering if the choke is on if the lever is in the down position or if this is off. Seems to me the down position should be on, but I am not sure. Currently the bike will run only if the lever is in the down position. Any help would be appreciated.