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  1. XDragRacer

    Choke question

    I think so, IDRIDR. I replaced mine with a Stead Engineering metal cap (after I cracked the plastic OEM part!).
  2. XDragRacer

    Choke question

    I'd check first for fuel flow; disconnecting fuel line to carb and stick in clear container, crank engine and see if fuel flows from petcock. Then, to eliminate contaminated fuel or moisture in the float bowl, I'd drain the float bowl (drain screw on carb). Next, still doesn't start? As mentioned above, sometimes starting fluid is your friend (assume spark previously verified). Don't think the main jet is involved at all with application of the "choke." When ON, the "choke" (starting enricher) withdraws a plunger from a hole in the carb and simultaneously opens an air passage; the fuel and air combine in this "mini-carburetor," providing a fuel-rich starting mixture to the carburetor venture; no main jet involvement. With a properly-operating "choke," the engine should start, even if main jet and pilot jet are clogged; sufficient mixture from the starting enricher (fuel from withdrawal of the plunger from its orifice in the carb; air from the opened air passage) should be sufficient alone to run the engine at high idle speed. A good primer of the carb can be found by Googling, "Care and Feeding of the CVK40." Good diagram of the "choke" (starting enricher) from the link at STARTER ENRICHER - KLR Morning Coffee: In the above diagram, air descends vertically, fuel enters horizontally from the left of the illustration, when the "choke" is open.
  3. XDragRacer

    Anybody running CycleRacks?

    How much do you want to bet, Geolander22? You're on! Don't know what personal experience you have with Cycleracks; I have these products on my KLR650 and KLR250; thousands of miles, camp-gear loaded, without incident. Cycleracks were designed to haul out elk (or moose) quarters; none ever broken in service, says the manufacturer, but . . . lifetime guaranteed. BTW, I also have Cycleracks saddle bags and top case; a pannier set quickly and seamlessly transferrable between bikes; have auxiliary fuel container accessory also. In my opinion, these top racks ARE for dirt bikes; YMMV!
  4. XDragRacer

    1986 Kawasaki KLR 600 Overheating

    Pray tell, CRF420X, HOW ON EARTH CAN A THERMO-BOB ENHANCE COOLING OF A MOTORCYCLE??????????After the thermostat opens, does the Thermo-Bob magically increase the cooling capacity of the OEM water pump and radiator? While the Thermo-Bob stabilizes coolant temperature more fully and at a HIGHER temperature than the OEM system, I can see no way the device enhances cooling (the OP has an overHEATING problem, not a problem running "too cool," an allegedly destructive malady the Thermo-Bob addresses). If you can explain how a Thermo-Bob corrects an overheating problem on a Kawasaki engine, please do. Thanks!
  5. XDragRacer

    Yamaha cheatin their way

    Twilight Zone moment! Rod Serling's voice: "An Inernet motorcycle forum reader, one evening, suddenly found himself thrust into the puzzling muddle of unsubstantiated cheating allegations, whining, and false accusations of rabid NASCAR fans . . . this strange transformation could only happen in The Twilight Zone! "
  6. XDragRacer

    Headlight and electrical issues

    I think the multiplicity of possibilities exceed the scope of a website post or two; a multimeter and wiring diagrams KLR 650 Wiring Diagrams; CLICK HERE! should solve whatever problem you might have, although the intermittent nature poses a challenge.
  7. XDragRacer

    Aftermarket compression release

    What about transplanting a used-but-serviceable exhaust cam with KACR?
  8. XDragRacer

    New 2009 KLR650 PCV mode what will it do?

    A principal function of a PCV valve in an automobile engine is preventing a carburetor backfire from entering the crankcase and igniting combustibles therein. This threat doesn't exist on a KLR, so--no OEM PCV valve. A further difference between the automobile application and a single-cylinder engine (like a KLR) application, automobiles have constant-volume crankcases, while a thumper crankcase's geometric air voume varies by the piston's swept volume (displacement) with every crankshaft revolution . . . Expecting a PCV valve to cycle (fully open and close) at twice the rate of the engine valves appears optimistic, to me. And, as mentioned, even if a KLR PCV valve cycled fully, and even if a vacuum were created in the crankcase (not detected in tests), I don't understand how improvements such as increases in power, mileage; and decreased oil consumption, enhanced engine compression braking, etc., would follow. (Not saying the improvements don't exist; just--I don't understand how or why they come about with the PCV valve mod.) YMMV, and no obvious harm appears attributable to the PCV valve mod AFAIK; mod your bike to suit yourself!
  9. XDragRacer

    KLR 650 pilot mixture adjustment

    + 1 on checking the header-to-head connection for leaks . . . Also, backfiring could result from a deficient AIR CUT VALVE, or COASTING ENRICHER. Clean carb, fuel ("pilot air") screw out 1.75 turns, needle shimmed with one # 4 washer, stock bike oughta run o.k.!
  10. XDragRacer

    New 2009 KLR650 PCV mode what will it do?

    Well, I SAID things were slow, right? Regardless, the TITLE of this thread poses, IMHO, an eminently fair question: Depends upon whom one asks, seems to me.
  11. XDragRacer

    New KLR 650,Buy,or not???

    I think you'd better wait for the 2012 model.Better still, the 2013.
  12. XDragRacer

    New 2009 KLR650 PCV mode what will it do?

    Well, things are a little slow on the KLR forum on this website . . . thus, I'll sow a few seeds in expectation of a harvest of passionate controversy! The PCV valve mod is said by some to increase power, reduce oil consumption, improve fuel efficiency, enchance engine compression braking, facilitate piston ring seating, etc., etc. Two components appear largely absent from these claims: 1) A credible explanation of the MECHANISM whereby the PCV valve mod works its improvements (no crankcase vacuum was detected during normal engine operation in tests); and 2) Quantifiable, measurable, repeatable data confirming results. If one believes a check-valve in the crankcase breather hose somehow yields the storied improvements, not a problem. At the moment, as far as I know, a "leap of faith" is required to embrace the improvements, since little data appears available supporting the claims. The alleged horsepower increase may be within the accuracy and precision tolerance of the test equipment; the other parameter improvements anecdotal with little other than seat-of-the-pants meter readings. As the Hippocractic Oath says "First, do no harm." Can't see any propensity for the PCV valve modification to do any great harm (although puked-out airbox oil-collection bottles have been reported). So, if you BELIEVE, perform the PCV valve mod. NO ONE wants Tinker Bell to die. (Sorry; sorry . . . JUST KIDDING! The PCV valve modification may be a worthwhile and valid improvement; only wish more data were available supporting that notion.)
  13. XDragRacer

    Did Cannondale ever sell any motorcycles?

    Not to hijack or divert from the subject; but . . . Cannondale manufactured technologically innovated ATV's for a while.
  14. Buddy wants to buy Keystone Toy Hauler; 23' (don't know exact length, but--short model, discontinued since '07, side loading ramp and end slide-out beds, I think). PM any price and availability info with contact data.
  15. XDragRacer

    kidney belts!

    Some protective gear (e.g., RockGardn Flak Jacket, etc.) has integral "kidney belting."