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  1. I've got a second hand 06 250 and ever since I've owned it the clutch pull has been stupidly stiff. I'm not sure what the problem is, I've replaced the clutch cable and clutch springs. I've had the whole clutch apart and everything looks fine. The clutch also works perfect. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers Martin
  2. burger boy14

    RM 250 stock exhausts - differences?

    What part of the pipe would have the part number stamped on it?
  3. burger boy14

    RM 250 stock exhausts - differences?

    I had a look this morning and can't find a part number on the exhaust.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows the differences in fitment of late model RM 250 stock exhaust systems? I have just got an '06 RM 250 but it came with an FMF front pipe which I didn't like so I borrowed a stock one from my friend off of his '09. It fits perfect but he wants it back so I bought a second hand one off of ebay that was meant to be for an '07 - 09' but doesn't fit! I've checked part numbers and they seem to be the same for '03 - '09, so am wondering what pipe I've got as need to sell it again. Any help is much appreciated.
  5. burger boy14

    06 vs 08

    Yeah i was wondering if there was a big diference in the cornering compared to the 06. As i have an 06 with applied 27mm clamps nd rad lowering kit but i still hate the way it handles compared to the ktm and suzuki. I really want to stay yam but if the 07/08 is still a bad turner then it looks like it is orabge or yellow for me.
  6. Just wondering if anoyone wears there leatt brace tucked into thier shirts? As i am wanting to do this, but have had 2 cut some of my shirts to make them fit over the brace. What make of shirt is the easiest to stretch over the leatt?
  7. burger boy14

    Just got a 06 YZ250F looking for some mods

    Applied 27 mm triple clamps and rad lowering kit. First thing I done to my bike after having my suspension done. Makes a noticable difference.
  8. burger boy14

    Time to decide.... 27mm or 22mm??

    Mmmm, still known the wiser.
  9. I've finally decided to get some different offset triple clamps for my 06. Question is 27mm or 22mm? What do you lot think?
  10. burger boy14

    What bend bars do you run on your '06?

    Mmmm. I'm about 5'6 so maybe I should try some thing taller than the mcgrath bend?
  11. Just wondering, as I currently have Windham bend pro tapers on my bike, but think they are a bit too high as I am a short ass lol. Was thinking of Mcgrath bend twinwalls?
  12. burger boy14

    05 or 06 or 07 - what to do?

    Get the 05 and spend the money left over on mods. Got an 06 and not really impressed with it compared to my 04 IMHO.
  13. Having raced and crashed my 06 yzf 250 a few times after buying it, Ive found out that it is an absolute pig to start when it is hot! My 04 yzf that i had before was almost like a 2 stroke to start when hot, a couple kicks and away! It also bogs a wee bit off the bottom aswell so i'm wondering maybe the jetting is off? Any help appreciated.
  14. burger boy14

    Are the 06s and 07's underpowered?

    My new 06 doesn't seem to pull down low like my 04 one did but it revs further and longer. I have ridden a few crf's and they all seem gutless compared to the yzf's.
  15. burger boy14

    Need a quieter pipe

    Agreed. The stock wrf250 pipe has to be the quietest pipe out there.