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  1. tristan


    cool good job! if you didn't show the first two pictures i definitely wouldn't be able to tell the third one was photoshopped
  2. yeah..im pretty sure there's more wrong with it than just ugly paint..if that was the case he would get the new plastics and sell it for 3k..was he drunk when he painted that i wonder?
  3. hi, i have an 86 xt600 and im looking for a new back rim, but i have not been able to find one yet. does anyone know any other kind of bike that has the same type back rim..or does anyone know where i would be able to find one...thanks tristan
  4. tristan

    What tires should i get??

    so I'm pretty sure im going to get the kenda k-270.. i have done a bit of researching and they seem like a good tire for the price, a friend of mine suggested that it might be a a good idea to get a better "more sticky front" as they dont wear very fast even if they are sticky..does anyone have the kenda k-270 and find that there isnt much traction in the front?? Tristan
  5. tristan

    First 250f...braaaap

    that is probably the coolest pit bike I've even seen:applause:
  6. tristan

    Furthest Motorcycle Ramp Jump

    man..id be scared just driving up that huge ramp...
  7. tristan

    Best scars!

    holy shit 450xDad how did you manage to do that?
  8. tristan

    how mental is this guy

    id do it for sure..if there was no huge cliff to fall off of and die:p
  9. tristan

    What tires should i get??

    actually i was thinking about getting the kenda k-270's..they look like what im looking for. not to expensive either
  10. tristan

    What tires should i get??

    well actually i use to do about 95 percent dirt riding "i didn't have a license" so i had to just stick to the trails.. i used kenda trak master 760 tires which are DOT approved but mostly a dirt tire "sounds like what your looking for". They are cheap tires and they actually wear really well..i put about 1300km's on them and the back still has about 35-40% tread.
  11. Hey im going to buy some new tires for my xt 600. I plan on putting it on the road very soon and i want something thats better for road use than my kenda trak master 760's.. i plan on doing about 75% street 25% dirt.. anyone have any suggestions?..thanks
  12. tristan

    My God, what a whip.

    thats the biggest whip i have ever seen...crazy!
  13. tristan

    one of the coolest vids i've ever seen

    Honda125Racer man i cant imagine what kinda havoc thats wreakin on his back. if he doesnt have feeling in his back (lower especially), he wouldnt be able to tell how bad it was but im sure he;s already got it covered one way or the other. yeah man that exactly what i was thinking..that has to be hard on the back..really cool vid though!
  14. tristan

    urban supercross

    Today 12:45 PM Honda_Racer19 Repost if you've already seen it why would u bother to write "repost" like loads of people have said..there are thousnads of people on tt obviously lots of people havent seen it
  15. tristan

    Slide at Speed

    thats a wild slide:applause: