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  1. Okay, well i got the stator problem fixed and the spark and timing is all good now. Just to be sure, i reset the valve clearances and checked the cam timing. It's all good! I kick the bike over a million times, take the plug out and it's completely dry. Doesnt even smell like fuel. The carburetor intake is totally dry too.. The pilot jet isnt clogged. I've cleaned EVERY SINGLE passage on the carburetor..Any ideas?
  2. well, i installed that stator i bought off ebay. (checked all the resistance levels on it, and it's within spec). And i'm not getting spark..Is there any reason why it wouldnt be producing spark? (the coil, cdi etc are deffinatly not the problem, because it had spark with the other stator)
  3. Andoru

    New stator. No spark?

    Hey, i recently bought a new seccond hand stator for my dr125. (the old stator still gave spark, but the pulser coil tab had broken) I checked the resistance on all the stator wires (pulser coil etc) and it is within factory specs according to the manual. I fitted it to the bike, but can't get any spark. Is there any other way to check if the stator is faulty? Or could it just be that the connections arnt done properly. Thanks
  4. nah, unfortunatly i don't know who had the bike before me. It was an ebay job. The engine's not bad for 26 years old. Everything i've tested is still in specs. Dunno why they messed with the magneto though..The pick up had been broken..That was fixed..dunno why the actual stator was upside down..hmm.. If worse comes to worse..i've got a spare stator here i can install..I'll let you guys know what happens..
  5. Well, finally popped the flywheel off! haven't changed the stator yet..Didnt have my impact driver on me. I think this is deffinatly the problem..Looked at the stator and it was all good physically..Tested the resistance on all of the plugs and their within the specifacations. But then i looked at the actual magneto, and found out someone had installed it 180 degrees the wrong way.. This is how it should be and this is how mine was This has got to be the problem right? I will install it the right way around tommorow and see what happens.
  6. Well..it's deffinatly not running lean..(went up bigger by 5 sizes on the pilot) same thing happening.. compressions deffinatly there..tested 185psi (haynes manual says 142-199psi) Have to swap out the stator sometime next week and see what happens.. Is there anyway the carburetor it self can go bad? (everything in the bowl isnt siezed and is still a nice brass colour)
  7. all good, i have a magneto coming in the mail along with a 22.5 and 27 size jet for the vm24. We'll soon find out what the problem is
  8. Thanks buddy! Could you also tell me if the stator from the electric start version will fit/work? (if it can bolt onto the stator plate) Thanks! And, please help me figure out this problem! Have spent $300 on getting it serviced and a new stator, it's coming soon. Dont want to install it to find it being a jetting problem (i still doubt it because the jet's have been cleaned, float level set, idle and mixture screws set as to factory specs, and it's a standard carby with standed jets) Thanks!
  9. Also, can someone please tell me if the 1988 dr125 stator will work with the 1982 model? (they are both kick start only, but the part number is diffrent)
  10. Checked the float today, it's deffinatly not stuck and set to the correct specs. Without the choke, it will not fire at all! The carb is the standard carby from the bike, jets have not been changed or anything, so even if it was lean it shouldn't be that severe not to fire at all without the choke right? It also takes abit of effort to get it to even crank on choke. I have adjusted the needle to make it richer aswell, same thing happening
  11. Hi! I can't get my DR125 to run. I have spent hours on it trying to figure out the fault, but still wont run. I have - compressed the air out of the jets, cleaned everything on the carb - changed the spark plug (D8ea) - checked the wiring etc I am getting a nice blue spark, lots of fuel, and good compression At this stage i'm scratching my head, took it to the mechanic, where they spent 4 hours (at an expensive rate, OUCH!) on it trying to figure out the problem. They - Cleaned the carb again - set the float height, adjusted mixture screw, idle screw, needle - set the valve clearances - checked all the rubber boots for air leaks and sealed them - cleaned out all the electrical connections (cdi, coil etc) Then they found that the stator pick up had snapped off. It was welded back on. The bike still wont run, however they told me it's deffinatly a stator problem I can get the bike to idle on the choke (but idles incredibly high even iff the idle screw is fully backed out). But as soon as i let go of the choke it dies, no matter how warm the engine is. I have a stator on the way now, and just wondering what your opinions were on the stator being the culprit? Does it sound reasonable? any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Andoru

    massive oil puddle in flywheel cover?

    cheers buddy!
  13. Andoru

    massive oil puddle in flywheel cover?

    Hey guys, I have a dr125 sitting here, i have been able to start it..but the thing wont idle.. it's got spark, fuel, compression..checked the float level etc.. opened the flywheel cover to find a massive pull of oil (the whole flywheel is covered in oil). When you pour oil into the filler..It'll just pour back out of the flywheel side. I suspect it's a crank seal leak or something? This isn't normal right..? Some help would be great! Thanks!