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  1. curto

    Hollister 4/29 - 4/30?

    Last week everyone was complaining that Hollister was a mud pit. Now it sounds like its dried out? It is a lot more fun if you can stay thru the week and avoid all those crowds and newbees all over the place
  2. curto

    Live in Hollister CA????

    I think Port Costa is a great idea, late in the day sees most of the bikes. Also, in Napa, try the Red Hen, many bikes stop off there for a lunch or dinner in their padio dining room. Another great place to see some nice bikes and bikers enjoying life. Wherever yo9u go, enjoy.
  3. curto

    Summer time at Cariagie

    I was there last Saturday. most of the trails were dry with some of the harder trails, in the shaded area having large, deep mud holes in them. The river was flowing pretty good and yes it was fun to cross. Also got the mud off the bike. lol
  4. I asked myself the same question last year. I went with the Sierra Sport 5th wheel. 2 slide outs and a garage so you don't have to smell the gas while your sleeping and eating. Works very well for me. I can drop the trailer and still use the truck without having to break down everything. Whatever you pick will work. Have fun and don't forget to use it, often
  5. Your choice should be, long bed, or long bed! I have short bed Ford PSD. Pulls great, but when in tight spots, i have to get out and slide the hitch back to keep from breaking out my rear glass....again. LOL Go with the long wheel base. Also, with a small trailer, you probably don't need a dually.