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  1. rfd_racing

    What can we learn form this video?

    Can you imagine track boundaries made from posts and rope, coupled with a metal fence here in the US? If that were the case a US track owner could save time and lawyer fees by just going ahead and filing for bankruptcy from civil suits as the same time he applied for a business license.
  2. rfd_racing

    who's goin to MXoN

    I'll be there, with as much of the family as I can talk into joining me. Try not to stay in Waldorf if you can avoid it, although I bet the factories have already booked everything there anyhow. Anyway, the motels and hotels are totally unsecure and packs of gorillas make a career of going through the vehicles in the parking areas. Go further south; Lexington Park, etc. Should be quite a bit better. My sister owns a house and some property not too far away from the track, further south. I am visiting her in mid-April and want to talk to her. I am envisioning an MXdN one-time-only "bed & breakfast" type of deal to help out folks that are coming a long way, possibly some RV parking for the weekend. One thing I know for sure - I am taking the Monday afterwards off of work - it's going to take until at least 2:00AM to get the track cleared of people. The Nationals have been bad enough, although last year it wasn't terrible because the Maryland State Police stayed after the race to direct traffic, and a few of the parking guys that Jon hires stuck around, too. In years past everyone had bailed by mid-day and it was absolute hell getting out of there.
  3. First off, the link: http://www.evworld.com/article.cfm?storyid=1216 An Internet dialogue with Swiss-based Quantya electric motorbike maker, Max Modena. Be sure to follow the link to "Quantyapark", a really boring looking indoor track.
  4. rfd_racing

    Alessi's house #2

    That figures - three hours for a tow truck from Palmdale. What, they had to tow the latest stealth plane off the runway over there first? Well, you sure made the most of your "spilt milk".
  5. rfd_racing

    1974 Montesa

    What a great website - thanks for sharing! This is right in my neck of the woods - will do my best to come to one of those events. I'm less than 10 miles from the Monrovia event (R&T Club grounds) and probably 15 miles from the New Windsor location.
  6. rfd_racing

    1974 Montesa

    Why bother to post a reply that doesn't answer the question or help in anyway? I found this by surfing around my local AHRMA website (there is forums for various makes, including Montesas): http://www.vintagedirtbikeforums.com/ Admittedly it looks like a slow-moving set of message boards, but hell, El Marko - YOU are on that forum; musta slipped from your short term memory? Here is the AHRMA website: http://www.ahrma.org/ - surf's up! Google is your friend, too.
  7. rfd_racing

    Vote For Miss Supercross 2008

    Jessica R looks like she had mousse tubes installed.
  8. rfd_racing

    77 XL75 restore, first project bike

    Those are fun little bikes. Half the moto guys in my hometown owned one as soon as they had their license and a decent job. Perfect for blasting down to McDonalds or to the girlfriend's house. Everyone put longer shocks on them (back then there were plenty of stock Suzuki TM, Honda Elsinore, and Arnacos & Koni shocks and so forth laying around). Looks like 11" shocks were standard, most guys put 13"s on. Yes the chain had to run fairly loose - at that time there were universal type chain tensioners available or you could make one in shop class. Offer your old guy $100 and stress the fact that you're lightening his load for when he moves. And try not to drool while talking to him The brake and signal lights were standard Honda parts over several models and years. For your purposes anything from an SL70 on up ought to work out for you. Top speed won't be huge, especially with a good-sized adult on board. They'll do 40-45 but it takes a while to get there. Different gearing may make a little difference. Have fun!
  9. rfd_racing

    Timerider bike

    TT/XT-500 yes indeed. Probably a Dick Mann frame and swingarm - unless it's a C&J. Preston Petty front and rear fenders. Don Vesco gas tank. Probably YZ forks and Ohlins or White Power shocks. That megaphone could be scratchbuilt and polished. Have to look to find that movie myself. Fred Ward was coolness itself. Peter Coyote was so BAD as the bad guy. (HA- I just looked this up at imdb and somebody else said exactly the same thing!) You guys recall that Michael Nesmith of "The Monkees" was the co-writer and producer. And wrote the music. Wonder if he rode, or still does?
  10. rfd_racing

    Who was your childhood dirt bike hero?

    Jim Pappe, Gary Neal, Greg Winters, Eddie Telles, Ronnie Lewis, Mark McAlpin, Robbie Cosner..... Never heard of them? That's OK - they're all locals where I grew up. A few may have aspired to greatness, but none got there. And that's all right because along the way they had a hell of a good time and were (relatively) positive role models. Back in the day the bikes were fairly cheap and the racing uncomplicated. Expectations were low - you raced if you weren't too hung over from Saturday night's kegger. Heck, you raced anyway and pulled off in the back to puke past your Jofa. But the guys above were a little different. They lived, ate, breathed, and slept MX. They weren't saints by any stretch of the imagination, but they were my heroes. OK- I guess I'd pick Brad Lackey and Gerrit Wolsink. I watched the 1976 USGP at Carlsbad and was really impressed with Gerrit's smoothness. Ronnie (above) and I had a chance one time to talk to Chuck Sun when we ran across him at Indian Dunes. What a cool guy - he even went back to his box van to get promotional Team Hinda postcards for us.
  11. rfd_racing


    The reeds don't affect absolute horsepower to a huge degree - they help with the bottom end and responsiveness. In a WFO throttle position the reeds are wide open as well- no affect. Other than obvious physical damage or raggedy edges it may not be terribly obvious that the reeds are worn out. If it were me, I'd just assume worn parts all the way around and do the top-end rebuild and pop some new reeds in.
  12. rfd_racing


    YZ100s don't exactly blind with their HP anyway. Without knowing anything else I'd say it's likely to be worn out piston rings.
  13. rfd_racing

    Olden Days MX in Maryland

    Hey Mean Gene, thanks for taking the time to post. There has actually been a good amount of traffic on the same thread I posted over in the Northeast regional section. Other guys have remembered Big Berm Raceway in Damascus and that coincides with my foggy memory. I don't think there was full size MX at 75/80 Raceway. I live very close to there and drive by it often. It's been closed for about 4 years now but the land is still fairly barren. I see no signs of an MX track. One of these days I'll stop by and take a closer look.
  14. rfd_racing

    Olden Days MX in MD??

    Thanks for all the memories guys! Sorry, MX4Life, if I had 'em, I'd scan them in and send them to you! Those Cycling Easts have been long gone, victims of two cross-country moves. I know this is reaching back, but does anyone recall your route to the Damascus track? Did you come from 270/Rte 355 up Rte 27 to somewhere? Or down from 70 via Rte 75 or Rte 27? I drive through a relatively new housing development on my way to work on King's Farm Road, and it's quite hilly - looks like it would have been perfect track terrain.
  15. rfd_racing

    Olden Days MX in MD??

    Hey thanks a lot for taking the time to clue me in. I used to read the "Cycling East" paper back in those days and I remember reading a lot about Aquasco, too. I'm pretty sure I remember reading about Jimmy Lauer but can't recall when exactly. Good luck in the coming season!