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  1. skeener1

    95 ATK 406 thread

  2. Hey guys- I bought an older ATK 406. It has that Rotax 2-stroke. Anyway, I kick started and rode it a bit before I bought it- no problems. But I went to kick start it a day ago wearing sneakers and the kickstart lever kicked back super hard and nearly broke my ankle, the bike didn't start so I gave up because my foot hurt like hell. I don't know too much about the mechanics of the kickstart. I assume that the lever should disengage when the motor fires. What do you think the problem is? Or should I just have on my boots when I go to fire up the 406?
  3. skeener1

    400e electrical overhaul?

    The motor kills only. I tried to post a pic of the mess, but I'm having trouble figuring that out too.. Anyway, Thanks for the advice - I think I'm going to try to find some schematics I can decipher, gut the ratsnest, and give it hell - If I can't figure it out, I guess I'll have to pony up the dough for a pro - ouch!
  4. skeener1

    400e electrical overhaul?

    OK Dudes... I'm pretty green workin' on bikes so here's the deal - I bought a sweet '01 400e last spring. Very lightly used. In fact, it was converted to be street legal and was used primarily on the road before I bought it. Since then, I've added a few things to get it back to being dirt worthy, but I still want to keep that beauty legal on the street. Here's my problem: The guy that added the signal lights and speedo before I bought it did a very amateur job installing the new wiring (bad soldering and a huge ratsnest of odd diameter wire and sticky electrical tape between my forks and headlight ). Everything worked great until recently. Now the bike starts and runs fine until I turn the front end to the right - then it just shuts off. - There are also two signal lights and my brake light that are not working properly. Now, I'm assuming that there is a short in the wiring and not a fuel starvation issue, but I've chased the short and cannot pinpoint it. I've also gone in and reconnected and shielded all the questionable connections with no avail. What I would like to do is rip all that garbage out myself and repair it as professionally as I can so that I will NEVER have another problem with it. Is this the correct solution? If I decide to do it myself, what should I be careful of? Should I have a pro do it? AND If I haul it all the way to a shop, how much do you think it might cost to have rewired? Thanks for any advice!
  5. skeener1


    I bought a used street legal 01 E a couple of months ago. The thing is a blast on the road but I want to get some tires that will give me positve hookup in the dirt. I figure I have 75% road / 25% dirt tires on it now and I would like reverse those numbers and get it dirty. Anybody have any good suggestions? Also, the guy I bought it from said he couldn't find his manufacturers manual on it. I've read about a place you can order one from on this site but I forgot the name of it. Any help? Thanks
  6. skeener1

    greenhorn buying used drz400e

    Hey guys - I'm looking to buy a used 400e. I'm not a techie and need some guidance on how to judge the bikes condition upon inspection, ie... is/are there any red flags(specific to this model) one should be especially aware of when giving the once-over, or any sort of prioritised check list one should go over. Also, do you think stock bikes are sold in better condition(generally) than bikes with lots of mods or visa versa? These should be easy questions for you guys. Thanks- SKEENER
  7. skeener1

    input on dual sport

    Hey Guys, was wondering if anyone out there had a guess on what a stock '00 xt350 in good condition w/ 10k miles might be worth, approximately? Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I trust you guys would know better than I. Any help would be great . Thanks