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  1. badyz450

    yz 450 clutch

    i'm getting ready to install new clutch,do i need to soak the new clutch in oil befor installing it?and if so how long?
  2. still tring to get the small broken tip of the fuel screw out of carb, after taking off carb,and bottom bowl,removed float,can i take the next section off on the keihin fcr carb off,looks like special hollow six star screws,four of them ,may get me closer to part ,newbee so any help may get me out of a jam
  3. the tip of my fuel screw broke off in carb,has this happened to anyone else,how the #@@#@# do i get it out
  4. badyz450

    yz450 jetting problems

    thanks, i'm going to rip it apart tonight
  5. what pilot jet should i have in with the jd jetting kit, 2003 450,2800ft,lost papers, have #50 now,fuel screw does nothing turned all the way in,i think stock was #45