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    new member big problems:(

    When I drained it, it was all there and crystal clear.
  2. twinturboterror

    new member big problems:(

    well my friend works at extreme machines and im putting the whole thing back together tonight, he said he wont say anything about the bike being opened prior to him touching it. Hopefully things will work out for me I guess. Is there a certain site people upload photos on? I usually use streetneeds but there is no format selection for this site. (basically how do I post pics) And for whoever thinks im bashing this bike, I am not, I love it, by far my fav bike I have rode.
  3. twinturboterror

    new member big problems:(

    Good for you, would you like a cookie? Why would I lie about something like this on a public forum, I joined just to get feedback for this one problem.
  4. twinturboterror

    new member big problems:(

    He doesnt have a bike, just was browsing the net and had to listen to me bitch for 2 hours at the bar the other night
  5. twinturboterror

    new member big problems:(

    I recently purchased an 06 kxf450, since the weather in NJ has been shitty, and etown has been closed I have only been able to ride it 2-3 times. To make a long story short I was riding it at a private track near etown and the freakin thing seized up. I took it over to dean fastway in east windsor nj and he called up some friends to see if they knew of any known problems and they didnt. Well I call the kawi dealer and no help from them, just some dude yelling at me that I prob abused the hell out of it. So I am really pissed and call Kawi of America. Once again not to much help from the guy besides telling me to take it apart(big mistake listening to do this) and see if it was a manufactures defect. Today I get a call from my friend who is like hey im sending you some links from this website thumpertalk about alot of people have the same problems you did with their motors. Here is the thing, on my bike when I took it apart, it also looked like the cam journals werent machined properly due to the cams and the journels having uneven wear on them, and the obvious my crank is seized. What is everyone doing about these catostrofic engine failures? has anyone had Kawasaki warrenty anything? Have the dealerships been helpfull? I havent been able to ride since oct. 05 and I just bought my new bike and was so excited to get back into it and now this:( any help or tips would be greatly apriciated-Antonio