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  1. any chance you can you tube the exhaust to give us an idea of how it sounds?
  2. Just a quick thought.....How does the exhaust know which side to come out??? ;P
  3. Dear Lord that's beautiful. I can only imagine how that would sound. It makes it look like a whole new animal.
  4. CreepyDRZ

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Rear Sprocket, Yoshimura CF RS2 with Jet kit, tune up and service...oh and the Sisneros battery mod. all in all a worth while improvement.
  5. CreepyDRZ

    yellow plastics

    Sadly you are incorrect, I was assured that the yellow bikes are the fastest. I even did a Google and wiki search and they both confirmed that the yellow bikes are the fastest and most bulletproof.
  6. I just bought my new 2007 DRZ SM and the dealer told me the same thing. I figured i could do all the oil changes myself and anything else that needed to be done at 500 miles and told the dealer so, He came back with..."you really should let us do the first service, we take it apart, check everything and adjust your valves". This sounded odd to me since my old DRZs was fine without any dealer adjusted valves. I'm curious if I did something wrong the first time around...or is this a scam to milk more money from me?
  7. That Swingarm decal is just what I'm looking for, Is that real or photochopped? Thanks -Creepy
  8. CreepyDRZ

    New headlight, taillight and turn signals...

    I think the tolls alone would kill you...try www.thailand.com/drzparts.html
  9. CreepyDRZ

    Bike Damage

    If the check bounces.....offer to give him that ride he initially wanted to take while drunk........Take him to a dark quiet area of the woods and show him the neet hole you dug.....................just for him. Or better yet tell him to dig a second one for his friend... -Creepy
  10. CreepyDRZ

    DRZ400 for a beginner

    It was my first bike, I took the MSF saftey course on it and did fine...everyone at the course thought it was a very cool bike. All in all I don't think I could have had a better first ride.