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  1. ratthing

    Music While Riding Your 2013 CRF250 L

    I use wired in-ear monitors (IEMs) and keep the phone or iPod in my tank bag (probably don't want to do that when off road) or in my interior jacket pocket. I don't answer the phone when riding or driving. I haven't found a remote control solution that makes sense like the old school Griffin remotes with handlebar mounts did with the original iPods. The advantage to IEMs is that they also block excessive noise. Non-custom ones generally have a rating of around 25NRR. An example would be Shure SE215 which runs around $100. You can get cheaper ones as well, such as the MEElectronics M6-BK-EE which Amazon has for $21 before shipping. The key is to run the wires over your ears to prevent them from falling out. =RT=
  2. ratthing

    Knee brace, broken femur

    From what I'm reading here, it seems to me that the issue with these rigid knee braces is the likelihood of higher forces on the leg, due to the impact, speed, etc. of MX riding. Dr. Mark, do you recommend these types of braces to your patients in other sports? I mean, these days, you see pretty much every NFL lineman wearing them, injury or no. I'm asking because I have been diagnosed with a torn meniscus (the unfortunate result of something mundane--a slip and fall injury in a restaurant. The bulge on the MRI film looks to me like a twisting type rotational tear. My ortho said no paintball (my preferred sport, I keep my BMW 650ST "thumper" to pavement for the most part) until after surgery because of the risk of further injury that would make surgery more difficult. I took a look at your site and read your stuff there regarding meniscus injuries. I'm planning on getting at least one more ortho's opinion before I decide whether to go forward with surgery. I get "catching" on this knee now and some pain behind the patella. My joints are loose in general, so hyperextension is something I always am concerned about. Common sense suggests to me that a brace with extension stops might be a good preventative, but we all know how flawed common sense can be. It's tough to be a rough and tumble 43 yo female--people look at you funny when you want to do crazyfun stuff. I did find the statistics on the numbers of women's knee injuries pretty alarming when I started researching after the injury. =RT=
  3. ratthing

    Numb hands?

    Just as Dr. Mark is conservative and tries to avoid surgery, a lot of CTS specialists take the same approach, because surgery doesn't always work. You might want to take a look at the Flextend gloves and talk with your ortho hand specialist about physical therapy as a first approach. Many rodeo riders and other athletes who depend on grip strength are using Flextend as a preventative regimen and performance improver. Good luck with it in any case-- =RT=