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  1. yeah ive had that happen it goes away after a ride and its never been a problem. dont worry about it.
  2. i bought a acerbis number plate for my 05 and it doesnt look anything like it. it doesnt have acerbis stamped anywhere on it. and it looks super thin. def not happy with what i got from them. im pretty sure it came from china.
  3. badass
  4. do the brake and clutch perches. not the levers just the perches. oh and spokes. silver wheels and spoke nipples with colored spokes look amazing.
  5. MXA can be easily bought though. these are also the guys that say they can feel a handling difference between a bike with a skidplate and one without.
  6. an exhaust is the best way to drop weight. you could drill dimples in all the hardware and dress (grind down smooth) all the welds and casting marks.
  7. so what pro circuit team did you steal that from?
  8. the gears are gonna feel shorter. aka its gonna rev out faster and your gonna have to shift more.
  9. if all the lines were dry and as well as the master cylinder your never going to get all the air out. you have to pre-bleed the master cylinder. also make sure the bleeder screw is tight before you let up on the pedal or it just sucks air back in.
  10. i never had a prob without one but i use one just cause. its not that hard to deal with it. and its like what 8 cents?
  11. rocky mountain mc has them for cheaper. also i got my park tool truing stand from motosport for about 80 i think they want over 100$ from pit posse.
  12. ah nevermind should have read closer.
  13. would it work on the 08 250f? im pickin one up soon and just wondering
  14. i like how they could tell the handling difference between a stock bike and a bike with a skid plate. i dont really buy into much they say anymore.
  15. the only thing that could really be gained from adjusting the TPS is throttle response. i dont think it effects the timing enough to make a difference in the rest of the powerband. the only thing it would do is either never see the WOT signal or get it too soon. it would take alot of testing to find the right voltage that gives the best throttle response though. i know with my car its .989v and the range the factory gives is .8v to 1v. unless somewhere it tells you the optimum voltage. then set it and be happy. haha