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  1. crzyfast_05

    Yamaha Pipes porting

    I have a yamaha banshee with t5 toomeys boost bottle coolhead 18 cc domes weisco pistons boyseen reeds and i was wonder about the exhaust ports does it help to port and polish them if so how should i do u have any good websites that show a good pic of it?
  2. crzyfast_05

    banshee hp?

    7 hp?
  3. crzyfast_05

    Yamaha banshee hp?

    I have a 05 banshee with toomey pipes,boost bottle,boysen reeds,and vitos 404 big bore kit i was wondering what my hp would be? i was thinking about shaving my stock head would that be a bad idea with this steup? how much would i need to shave it
  4. crzyfast_05

    jumping time

    ok well they look fine how much does a chain and guides usually cost.
  5. crzyfast_05

    suzuki lt-r450

    Well how does the ltr do in a mx track. is it better than the yfz and the 450r.
  6. crzyfast_05

    jumping time

    i have checked the tensioner and it is good. but what are the cam chain guides
  7. crzyfast_05

    Yamaha banshee head

    I have a 2005 banshee with toomey t5 pipes and a boost bottle and i was wondering which is better shave my stock head or get a cool head ? and if i decide to shave my head how much do i need to shave it?
  8. crzyfast_05

    tires for yfz?

    I ride with itp holeshot xcr-03. I like them they hook up good, and i do a lil bit of trail ridin and they are good for that to. I got two buddies that ride with holeshot mxr-04 and they both like them to.i got mine from the local dealership but im sure you can get them from rockymountain or action offroad.
  9. crzyfast_05

    jumping time

    Well everything is in place and the chain feels kinda stiff i dont know if thats supposed to be like that.But every time i have took off the cam cover the chain has been on top of the teeth on the cam shafts.But also on one of my cams "i think its my exhaust cam" but on the teeth of it there is little notches in the middle of the teeth, is that supposed to be like that or what.
  10. crzyfast_05

    jumping time

    yes i had one of my buddys help work on it and he works over at the local dealership and we checked everything while we were workin on it and after we were done. and everything look fine. But i was riding it before it quit workin and it just died going down my road and i never could get it to start again.and then i looked at my timing and it was all messed up.
  11. crzyfast_05

    Yamaha jumping time

    My yfz 450 keeps jumping time. the first time it jumped the cams were turned. the second time it jumped it was back stock. i was wondering what would cause it to jump time . thanx
  12. crzyfast_05

    Suzuki suzuki lt-r450

    i was wondering how the suzukis top speed compares to the yfz 450 and the 450r and i also wondering who would win a drag race between a stock suzuki lt-r450 and my stock banshee
  13. crzyfast_05


    are toomey pipes good
  14. crzyfast_05


    What is the best pipe for an 04 blaster
  15. crzyfast_05

    Yamaha Need Info

    I have a 05 yfz 450. has a curtis sparks pipe, k&n precharger filter with jets. the cams are turned. The problem is it wont start. i have no idea what the prob is. i put a new plug in it but yet it still wont start. if i push start it it will run but it runs like shit.i need some help. thanx