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  1. Installed the 2008 450 xcf kit in my bike. Blue needle third from top, diaphram spacer, o ring AP mod and replace 42 main jet with 42 provided with kit. Also installed 172 pilot jet. I ride in 4000 to 9000 feet. It is about 40 -60 degrees. There is a severe bog off idle no mater what the temp of bike. If roll throttle on slowly bike runs great but trying to accel hard bike falls on face.
  2. Yeah I bet you would you little rock spider. We don't need your type prowling around this web site looking for little boys and trolling for who knows what. I bet you want a ride back to some creepy spot like Boulder or something.
  3. dtlyons

    EXC Airbox SUCKS!

    ole dude that creek cross is a great pic can you tell us where the trail is?
  4. dtlyons

    best deal on ktm's?

    go to Munroe Motors in San Leandro, talk to Jim the sales manager. He is a straight shooter and will give you the best deal with no B.S.
  5. dtlyons

    KTM 450 XC-G VS Yamaha WR450

    My o6 450 exc is awesome. basically the same machine w/ different cam. The KTM's are awesome. Durability issues are a thing of the past. Excellent, smooth power and great suspension. If you wait for '07 the prices are jummping about $1500+. Allthough the WR is an excellent trail bike the KTM is a whole new level. It is easier to ride because of the low center of gravity and light weight. ALso the KTM is a much much more performance machine.
  6. dtlyons

    bubba vs. RC

    Though there aren't any two factory bikes that are the same, there also is not a 50' disperity in power between factory bikes. If you put 80 thousand bucks into like minded dirtbikes you will have like minded power.
  7. dtlyons

    bubba vs. RC

    You and everyone else that wasn't in Stewart's trailer are utterly clueless as to his physical conditon. He and every rider in the top twenty have more heart, skill and determination than you could ever read about.
  8. dtlyons

    bubba vs. RC

    It is absolutely insane to even think that at this level of performance that winning has everything to do with the machine and not the rider is retarded. What is equally stupid is saying that JS has a disregard for the sport and the fans.
  9. dtlyons

    bubba vs. RC

    Is the rumor about Bubba not racing outdoors for real?
  10. dtlyons

    bubba vs. RC

    I agree that RC is the ultimate professional. It is going to be a great outdoor season. Bubba has found his rythm and if he stays healthy he"s the only one to beat RC.
  11. dtlyons

    '06 exc's

    has anyone had probs w/ '06 450 exc computers not working? Any clues would be greatly appreciated!
  12. dtlyons

    Let's see some more KTM pics

    Hey MikeSD sweet bike Where did you get that stand?
  13. dtlyons

    Krappy Kickstands

    My dealer made a point of telling me to make sure and tighten the K/S bolts because they will bend or break.
  14. dtlyons

    '06 450 exc jetting

    I got the JD kit and thanks. DUUUURRRRRAAAAWWWWW!
  15. I have a new '06 450 exc bought in Ca. My ? is in regard to jetting. Does anyone know what is the best jetting combo (pilot. main and needle) for Reno NV and Incline Village NV? the elev. is between 4500 and 6500'. Also my computer checks O.K. thru diagnostics but will not automatically operate thru front wheel spin, or by switching on.