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  1. AZTodd

    Mike's Sky Ranch contact

    Thanks, folks. I'll try their Facebook page. BTR we are trying to make a reservation for Saturday Jan. 18 for 5 riders. We will need fuel also.
  2. AZTodd

    Mike's Sky Ranch contact

    I have been trying to get ahold of Mike's for a few days now with no luck. I am calling 011-52-664-681-5514, is that the right number?
  3. AZTodd

    Cam journal scoring?

    All, I am the member who sold him the head. For the record, Gsxrstuntdrz first contacted me about a refund yesterday. I responded to him that I am more than happy to refund him. Also, I posted the bike with info that it was a part out after losing a cam chain tensioner and subsequently the chain jumped a few teeth and that at least the piston and 2 valves were bad. I emailed him pictures and in the pictures you can see the damage to the journals. I am not a mechanic, back in '03 I did have a local shop go through the head for me and they said that that damage wasn't that bad and the head was usable. Again i am not a mechanic and took their word for it. I then ran the head another 100 hours. I also informed Gsxrstuntdrz that the bike had 200 hours on it. I am more than happy to refund his money. No need to go flaming anyone. I'll even pay for him to ship it back.
  4. AZTodd

    BMW G450X vs Husaberg FE390

    I disagree with Ottobozart on a couple things. But overall overall nice recommendations Otto. Most of the things I'm listing are personal preference anyway. 1) suspenstion. the fork just needs to break in. don't do anything to it until you have 500-550 miles on that fork. Once it's broken in it is plush, it does still bottom a little too quickly, though. Add 10cc or so of 5 wt suspension fluid and buy the springs for your weight. I live iun rock infested AZ and ride CO a couple times a year. You have just as rocky of trails as I do. Once the fork breaks in it's good. I did end up revalving mine, but only because I'm racing mine and needed a bit more bottoming resistance. Had I not been racing I would have been okay with the mods I posted above. For the rear shock, just get the proper weight spring, you'll be happy unless your pounding 3' sand whoops like Destry. If that is you, you will need a revalve. 2)As for the 40 hp vs. 50 hp. At the elevation your riding at you'll need the 50 hp power up mode, eventually. Right now though, if you are a true beginner just ride it in 40 hp mode. It actually makes really good power in 40 hp mode. And if it weren't for the sand we have here in AZ or the elevation you have in CO, I'd say leave it in 40 hp. But I think you'll find as you start getting into the 10,000' passes and bigger hillclimbs you'll eventually need it. But start out with 40 hp until you are out riding the bike, then bump it up. Your dealer should have the jumper wire plug. Also if you ride any of the nasty single track trails you guys have up in Taylor Park, you'll want the 13 tooth countershaft sprocket. My first trip this summer I had the 14 tooth on the front and at 10,000'+ elevation I didn't have the bottom end I need for those big hill climbs and I found myself in 1st gear way too much. Second trip I swapped out to the 13 and it was much better. In fact I have left the 13 tooth on even down here in AZ. I can still cruise at 55-60 on the road at a fairly low rpm(I don't ride any pavement with speeds higher than that). And I can use second for alost all the tight stuff. That saves first for a granny gear if I bobble in a section and need to correct. As Otto said I don't get as good of fuel mileage, but it's still pretty good. I have the www.speedbrain.de clear tank and it is 2.2 gallons vs. the US tank's 1.75 gal. At a trail riding pace I get between 75-80 miles on a tank, depending on elevation, average speed, sand, etc. Racing I get about 45-50 dependent on the same things. 3) I agree the Metzler sucks, wear it out on the road getting used to the bike. 4) When you replace that tire put in some heavy duty tubes, Bridgestones are the thickest you can get. The stock ones are way to thin for the rock riding you have in CO. 5) For your rocks in CO, you need a better skid plate. that stock one doesn't offer much protection for the side case in case of a fall. As a beginner you will fall. Heck we all fall. I'm having good luck with the poly Hyde Racing skid plate. I ride a lot of rocky nasty trails and it's taken a beating. I also run the Speedbrain metal brace under the engine and the stock rubber bumper under the motor. I've got 88 hours on mine now and I really like the bike. Just get out and ride, as much as possible before for that snow hits.
  5. AZTodd

    best looking BWM G450X ...... Post your pics

    I haven't done the 70 hour service, yet. Not sure if I'm going to. If I blow the top and bottom ends up the warranty won't cover it, but I gotta buy the same parts to keep the warranty. So right now I'm thinking I might as well keep running it. Also as far as I can tell my warranty would still be good for the frame, forks, shock, electrical and fuel systems. As long as I keep up the maintenance on those parts, which I'm doing.
  6. AZTodd

    best looking BWM G450X ...... Post your pics

    Bob, I have been racing a little bit. Did the Mile High Enduro a month or so ago. Finished 1st Open A and 3rd O/A. It was a ture timekeeper, which are my favorite. I also did the National Hare Scrambles back in August and finished 4th 30 A and 27th O/A. I'll be racing the Fast'r Qualifier off Carefree highway Nov. 15. It should be a good tough one. I just ordered this from Speedbrain: http://speedbrain.de/index.php?a=659〈=eng Supposed to raise the rearend a little which in turn gives the bike a little steeper steering head angle. I think it's what BMW did to the 2010's. I'll post up once I receive it and ride a little with it. Did you make ATR's Dual SPort last weekend? I rode Sunday's ride. It was a good ride, I saw a couple G450X's up there, but didn't get a chance to talk to any of them. I've got 85.5 hours and 2400 miles on mine now and it's still going strong.
  7. AZTodd

    '10 BMW450 vs '10 BergFE450

    I agree 100%. I too have ridden both the 570 and own the BMW, 85 hours and 2500 miles. I spent about 20 minutes on a Berg 570, so not a real long ride. Although the Berg felt as light as the BMW, I couldn't get used to how wide it felt. The radiator shrouds are real wide and the engine is wide, all the way up to the seat. Rotating that engine and having the widest part of the motor between your calves just didn't do it for me. Then again the BMW is a really narrow bike. But I also rode a Gas Gas 450 and KTM 505 the same day I rode the 570 and the Husaberg felt the widest.
  8. AZTodd

    new owner G450X

    The fork takes a long time to break in. Mine didn't get initial plushness until I had just over 500 miles on the bike. Friends with Husky's and the Marzocchi fork report the same thing. Once they break in, they are plusher initially but still blow through the travel pretty fast. You can try stiffer springs and more fluid. But for general trail riding and dual sport the fork isn't bad. I eventually had my shock and forks revalved by Dicks Racing in Reno. Much better now. I can blast the whoops, hit moderate jumps, it handles big g-outs very well and the forks and shock are still plush in rocks and square edges. I also have the GPR Version 4 stabilizer, too. I just put the bike in the power up mode and installed the Leo Vince slip on. I've had it from 1500' all the way up to 11,500' passes in Crested Butte and it runs clean.
  9. AZTodd

    best looking BWM G450X ...... Post your pics

    Leo Vince slip on, Speed Brain Tank and skid plate reinforcement, GPR Version 3 Stabilizer, Hyde Skid plate, Dick's Racing suspension revalve, Fastway footpegs, rear brake pedal extension, Hammerheads designs shift lever tip, hand guards and stripped all the street stuff.
  10. AZTodd

    BMW G450X - problems starting

    I'm down here in Tucson and do all the maintenance myself. According to my dealer and BMW NA you can do the maintenance yourself and it does not void the warranty. You just need to be able to show proof of doing the required maintenance to maintain the warranty. So save those recepts. They've already warrantied 2 kick stand bolts that broke. The only other issue I've had is the plastic neutral switch broke and caused a slight oil leak. I had them fix that one. Other than that, I've done all my own maintenance including valve adjustment, compression checks and leak down tests. I have 1700 miles and 65 hours hard hours and no major problems so far. I did just kill a battery though. Replaced under warranty.
  11. AZTodd

    best looking BWM G450X ...... Post your pics

    But the $50 is shipping for the whole package. For instance, I ordered their tank, a 50 tooth rear sprocket and their skid plate reinforcement thingy. The total was $50. Another 450 owner here in Tucson just wanted the skid plate reinforcement, shipping would have been $50, so he added a graphics kit, sprocket and a shock spring. Shipping for all of that was $50. So it pays to order in bulk from them. It took about a 7 business days to recieve my order.
  12. AZTodd

    BMW G450X must have mods

    I currently have the Remus full system on my bike. Power is good, but there is no spark arrestor. I ordered the Leo Vince Slip on, it arrived today and will be mounting it tomorrow. A friend has the ti Leo Vince full system and it is as quiet as stock and as light as the Remus. Similar power to the Remus. I also ordered a Hyde Racing skid plate. It is full coverage like the BMW al skid plate, put is made of poly. It also came in and I'll be mounting it tomorrow. I ordered the Speedbrain clear tank, skid plate reinforcement and a 50 tooth Renthal from them. I haven't recieved any of these products yet. I also ordered a GPR version 4 under bar stabilizer and mount. They have them in stock for the 450x now. Hopefully it will be in tomorrow.
  13. AZTodd

    wr trans mod

  14. AZTodd

    WR-trans, just 5th?

    To be honest 5th is going to be the same whether you do 3rd thru 5th or just 5th, it is the gap between 4th and 5th that will be different. I can't remember the exact numbers but I seem to remember the jump to the WR 4th only being fairly minor (on paper) than the stock jump, ie: approx a 10-12% increase. So whether you do 4th and 5th or 5th, the WR 5th is still kind of tall for a 250 2 stroke. So in real deep sand you will notice a slight bog unless you stay up in the rpm's. But on long road transfer sections it sure takes the buzz out by keeping the rpm's just off the main jet and just the right rpm to keep the powervalve closed.
  15. AZTodd

    WR-trans, just 5th?

    xxx, yes I only did 5th. I did rebuild the top, bottom and tranny myself and I only did 5th. It meshes up fine. I just wanted an overdrive 5th for the jeep roads and pavement transfer sections on long trail rides up in Crested Butte and Prescott. I originally wanted to do 4th and 5th, but you can't do just 4th and 5th only 1-5, 3-5 or just 5th. The WR 4th won't mesh with the YZ 3rd. WR 4th has 4 dogs, YZ has 3. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=344072&highlight=yz+250+wr+tranny