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  1. Blueish white?
  2. I have a 01' xr200 that I got about a month ago. I have probably ridden it at least 20-25 hours since then. In all that time it has ran pretty good. However on two seperate occaisions it has smoked pretty bad out of the exaust. Once when it was cold until it warmed up and the other time the bike was hot and I was stuck in the sand. It smoked, then died, then started back up and ran normal the rest of the day. I am a bit over precautious with my stuff. Should I be worried that something is developping or is this nothing to worry about? What are all the causes of smoking? Thanks Also, I love donuts, but they usually involve reving the engine quite high for the duration. Is this going to kill my bike at a fast rate or can these things handle it?
  3. Thanks for all the replies! I know alberta has somes sweet places to go it's just a matter of finding them. I really like trail riding where you can just ride half a day without hitting the same spots. Gordhunt, funny that you're from tofield since that's actually where I picked up my bike. Perhaps from one of you cronies... I would really apreciate some directions to the places you mentioned. maybe from a few of the places closer to E-town. Many thanks
  4. Hey folks I have been reading through this forum and it seems that alberta is a good place to ride. Trouble is, I don't know of many places since I just started riding again. I live in Edmonton and I know of cloverbar and Bruderhiem, but that is about it. Can anyone recomend some places in the vicinity to check out? Also for may long weekend coming up I am going to cadomine caves. Does anyone know of good spots to bike on the way or near cadomine? Thanks in advance for any input.
  5. The book specifies that chain must be adjusted at a specific rpm. Can I just ignor this step? The runs and idles just fine, so it can't be to far off.
  6. 01' Xr200
  7. Ok. So I got a manual and I am ready to do the cam chain. The book requires a tackometer is conected for this. My question is where do I hook it up? I have two leads on the tack and I know one is for ground and the other for the coil? Where do you guys hook it up to? Can I get away with out cutting anything? Thanks for any input
  8. My Clutch grabs very late. How much work is it to change? Also I have been reading about removing the snorkle from the airbox for a bit more breathing, but I do a lot of mud riding. Has anyone had any issues with mud/water making its way to the air filter after doing this? thanks.
  9. I got in there and changed the oil today and it was pitch black! No good. At least it the valves are a bit quieter now. Hope no major damage was done. Just for the record, the socket size for the oil plug is 24mm. Also, the bike runs terrible and rough with the choke on. Even when it's stone cold. Does this mean I am likely running rich? T.
  10. Thanks all the replies. Yeah the suspension is seriously rock hard. The rear is what I'd like to change especially. When I sit on the bike it only goes down about a cm. Going over ruts or rough ground is almost like having nothing at all. Anyway, I am excited with the potential this bike seems to have. As I am quite light and used to a much weaker unit (79 yamaha 175 IT) to me this bike hauls pretty good.
  11. Thanks for the tips. I will be getting a clymers or the like manual in a couple of weeks but for the time being I need to know what size socket needed for the oil plug and also how do I remove the seat? Also when is the choke engaged? up or down? Thanks so much.
  12. Hi all. I just bought a 01 xr200 yesterday. This bike is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Light, reliable, relatively powerfull, and fairly cheap to buy. I ripped it up for hours yesterday and can't wait for next weekend... The guy that had the bike before me was quite large ~220lb. I'm about 140lb and I am finding the suspension setup rock hard. How can I make it a bit softer? Do I just remove some oil from the front forks? What about the rear? Do I unscrew that large threaded shaft above the shock? Also, this is my first fourstrock and it sounds a bit clatery. I read something about valves and timming chain adjustements. Is this a DIY job? What is all involved? Cheers, Thanks in advance!