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  1. MxRider2

    Question on an older ktm

    no its in great shape and everythings fine it also has an sst pipe on it so you think its a good deal?
  2. MxRider2

    Question on an older ktm

    I am thinking about buying a ktm 125 sx its a 2000 model and the guy is selling it for 1800$ is this high for a bike made in 2000 thanks for the help in advance
  3. MxRider2

    Question about the 230

    thanks for the help guys i was just wondering incase something happened to the es i wanted an alternitive to start the bike but as long as the es is good that will be fine i should be getting a 230 in a couple of weeks right before summer break are there any mod's that u guys would recomend suspension, bars, sprocets ect. thanks
  4. im 16 and im just getting into riding dirt bikes and i was on the honda website looking at the 230 and i noticed that in the picture there is no kickstart on the 230 is this just a messed up picture or is the the 230 electric start only? thanks for any help in advance