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  1. moto_xmayhem21

    gray tranny oil

    Oh yeah, once hot you'll be revvin' and not going forward, haha- Nice to pop new parts in and know where you stand with your new bike anyhow. Good luck, keep us posted!
  2. moto_xmayhem21

    gray tranny oil

    I have but I also haven't personally seen it. I could see a lot of metal particles causing that symptom. Is the bike slipping under load? Or is it hooking up really well? Easy enough to pop the clutch out and inspect plates, basket, hubs at least. Some people would disagree, but I've used a few "affordable brand" (Tusk) clutch kits and they worked great, no issues. I think they were $45 at the time and a few buck more for stiffer springs.
  3. moto_xmayhem21

    gray tranny oil

    No prob! Sounds like you've done all you can do! Also, nothing coming out of the weep hole that's in the case cavity between the two seals? Yes on the spring side towards fluid!
  4. moto_xmayhem21

    gray tranny oil

    Things that come to mind: -Possible residual coolant/ oil in tranny from earlier failure? -Seal(s) in backwards on accident? Seems silly but I've done it on a fork leg haha -How did the main WP shaft look? Was it nice and smooth? Or did it have some grooving or wear that could allow it to seat poorly on your new seals? (Side note: Any oil residue need cleaning out of your radiators?) In any case, maybe do a few more test rides with oil changes and see if it clears up. Congrats on your new bike!
  5. moto_xmayhem21

    Seeking info, good or bad 2000 CR125 ;)

    Hey, thanx for the reply! That's great info. I will check out Cafe Husky too. Also glad to hear it'll actually pull me around- Thank you, Nica!
  6. Hey guys! Found a 2000 Husqy CR125 for under $1000. Going to pull the trigger on it! It's just a frivolous-fun purchase. I'm too big for a one two five, but for whatever reason, be it that it's old and goofy looking, or whatever, I just really like it! Anyhow, I was just seeking any info, good or bad, factoids, and tidbits about the bike. I know it will be difficult at times to find parts if they're needed, as I will likely restore it, but... challenge accepted! Thank you all in advance, I'm all ears- GO!
  7. moto_xmayhem21

    Should be an easy one ;) DRZ400sm vac-line

    No FCR just yet but I did happen to have a few lying around the shop, so that was cool! I'm assuming it's connected to the nipple sitting in the top of the carb (right on top?) Thank you BOTH very much for the help/ replys!
  8. Hey guys! Hope everyone's having an awesome day/ night depending on where you live! Quick question in regards to the vacuum line coming off the fuel petcock on my 2006 DRZ400sm. I have searched and I am sorry if this is redundant! Picked up a very nice DRZ this weekend and I'm really excited about it. Only 2,300 miles! Was running a bit rough as it had had been sitting since 2011! I didn't think it was going to start but apparently the fuel was drained first (was a relief!) Anyhow, I was just curious where the vac line connects? I've looked at diagrams but just want to be sure. I noticed the line is just missing from my bike altogether and I see where it connects to the petcock. Piped and suspected re-jet so far. Thank you in advance!
  9. moto_xmayhem21

    2006 KX250F new crank burnt up two top ends need help

    You rock! I will check it out and report back!
  10. moto_xmayhem21

    2006 KX250F new crank burnt up two top ends need help

    Hello guys! I'm having a similar issue with a 2007. I don't mean to thread-jack, hopefully my question doesn't bother anyone! Working on this bike for a neighbor and trying to iron out the would-be issues. My problem was an EXTREMELY loud valve train. So, pulled the valve cover and noticed it was very dry/ no residual oil. This motor "was just rebuilt" and actually does have great compression by feel, and nothing has been destroyed yet (cams/ buckets) Soon as the excess noise was noticed, it wasn't ridden. While kicking the bike with the oil filter cover open, and filter removed, I could not get oil to pump up into the filter housing. I have: -Checked oil level (was full) -Made sure oil filter wasn't in backwards -Just pulled and inspected the oil pumps. All gears engage and both gear-pins are present. I'm wondering what I should check next. All that comes to mind now would be: -Blocked oil passages? -Clogged strainers? -(Is it possible) improper gasket used someplace during the "rebuild" that could block the flow of oil? Any help or ideas would be incredible, and appreciated! I have no problem splitting the cases if need be, just picking brains Thanx a ton, guys!
  11. moto_xmayhem21

    2005 RMZ450 engine case failure (typical?) please advise ;)

    Wow, case number three... actually this bike is on case 3 too! The decomp is the only local answer. She's all back together and running great by the way Still a hard kicker with valves on the loose side of spec. Tons of compression. I appreciate the replies guys!!
  12. moto_xmayhem21

    Please help me locate a CDI/ Chinese 50cc

    Thank you bith, that does help. I noticed the hanger location under the seat as well, where it should be. Thank you also for the link! Does anyone know which pin connects to which wire on these bikes? Plenty of schematics online but I noticed the conductor colors are not the same on this ASAP as the Honda bikes. Thank you again!!
  13. moto_xmayhem21

    Please help me locate a CDI/ Chinese 50cc

    Little 4-stroke 50cc, looks exactly like the crf50. ASA is the "brand" as far as I can tell from what the bike has all over it. I'm assuming they're all quite a bit alike? By way of components and running....even just a parts retailer would be awesome if known! Pics as soon as I get the TT app on my cell phone.
  14. moto_xmayhem21

    Please help me locate a CDI/ Chinese 50cc

    Hello! Trying to fix a neighbors pit-bike for him... he says it was running before he brought it in, however I cannot see how this is possible without a CDI attached into the wiring harness. Anyhow, I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction on getting a replacement CDI. A parts supplier BESIDES ebay would be awesome!! Here's what I know about the bike, and sorry in advance if I am missing any other info, just let me know! -ASA Pit-Bike/ Honda clone (year unknown) -50cc -Has all electrical components except for the CDI I was also wondering if any of the Honda CDI's could work on this bike? Conductor colors were the only thing that made me question it, though I understand they're likely doing the same thing (would just need to figure out what color-to-color if so) THANK YOU ALL in advance!
  15. moto_xmayhem21

    2005 RMZ450 engine case failure (typical?) please advise ;)

    Ohh yes indeed I am replacing that case Just know it was sort of typical of some suzukis of that era. Also trying to confirm suspicions of either the auto decomp being the probable cause, coupled with possible out-of-spec valves... Hard to start, extra hard kicks. I also forgot to mention that the auto decomp arm was swung outward and lodged outward. High RPM location...