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  1. cdaledh

    Starvation Ridge update #4

    Any news on the Overall Results??
  2. cdaledh

    Starvation Ridge update #4

    Yeah, a Coastie!!
  3. cdaledh

    Starvation Ridge update #4

    YARRRR thar be mud!!!! If let my shooting buddies know I got beat by a Puddle Pirate..there will be hell to pay!! SEALs and Retired Delta guys tend to be brutally honest!!
  4. cdaledh

    Good transmission builder..?

    well, here is the real scoop when building (BOMBing) Stock is cheap!!! and keeping the engine stock on a truck with an auto tranny is the CHEAPEST!!! Any special modified part (especially in the tranny) will make you a friggin prisoner to the shop that built it...basicly, you are stuck in a marriage to that shop...like a ball and chain if the "special" part breaks yer fooked. I got two trucks, a 2001 with twin turbos ald all the goodies..it's a manual tranny been thru 3 clutches, and one engine... the 2006 is stock, it also has a stock 48RE. when it is used to tow, I try to stay out of the fuel untill the TCC locks completely...so far the stock tranny is doing ok...has ~120k on it so far also dont bother with TDR... Try NW BOMBERS
  5. cdaledh

    Welcome Home Bowe Bergdahl

  6. cdaledh

    Good transmission builder..?

  7. cdaledh

    Welcome Home Bowe Bergdahl

  8. cdaledh

    Welcome Home Bowe Bergdahl

  9. cdaledh

    2014 Northwest Night Owl gp Series

  10. cdaledh

    30 teams needed. Wusses do not click on this!

    HEH HEH!!! We will fix that on the next one!!
  11. cdaledh

    D100, First-Timer Review.

    no problem. I just have to get a decent tune in my truck now...with $4 fuel and 9.3 MPG, it kinda kills the fun when driving from Woodland.
  12. Well, here is how my weekend went.... Loaded up Friday after work, picked up Jasmine from Grandma's. Picked up Christine from work. Headed out. Landed at Odessa @ 0015 Saturday Morning. Crashed for the remainder of the night Saturday morning had some grub, went for a walk thru the camp with Jasmine. WOW...friggin HUGE!!! Makes Starvation Ridge on the 24 Hour look like the minor leagues. Got geared up to run the Iron Man Poker Run. Went out to check the course and bike. Course is actually good. Lots of rocks and whoops, but if you stayed away from the main line, it was real fast. Poker run was wierd. People EVERYWHERE, LifeFlight on standby, Paramedics wrapping people up on stretchers in places where I was asking myself, "what the hell is here that they hit???" Wierd!!! Ran the 35 miles without a hitch, found a lot of good flowing lines, rode light to not punch a tire. Sunday!!! Got up, had some coffee, breakfast and dropped of some excess weight in the can. Parade was interesting...tried to work up into a good spot for the start...not sure if it helped much. The Bomb!! Cannon start, Dead engine, and we are 100' back from the bikes. Looks like something like 1000 bikes!! Cannon goes off, run to the bike, starts and off we go. kick it up into 5th, just cruising trying to keep out of the main dust. See riders swapping out...again &%$#@!?? Rip past camp, go up a little hill...OH CRAP..end up in a 8 foot free fall...safely land. Looking for a good like upwind of the dust, find it, still on the gas, running the fence line. This race is wierd, people seem to want to run the main lines...dont know why...it is beat to crap, and will kill you in 30 miles. Fast lines are in the weeds!!! Pass more people, See more people swap and wash out in the first 5 miles than any other time in my life. Insane!! Have a good pace, guess I am in the top 25% of the field now and still working up. about 1 mile before the 1st check, I feel that oh so familiar "spike" in the bars!! Yup, flat front tire (has 20 PSI in it from the start) Push on to the second check, still passing people. Wierd!!! Decide to toss it in, will end up tacoing the wheel if I keep it up. DNF!!! This race is a wierd one, I was talking to one very fast Pro. He won't race this one...I understand why!!! It's like Amateur hour and the local Honky Tonk...Where everyone is trying to see who can stay on the Mechanical Bull the longest. CRAZY!!! We had 9 riders in our group, one places 2nd in 30+, and only one other finished. Yes, that's 2 of 9 finishing. Will I do it again?? You bet your ass....I have to finish it now!!!
  13. cdaledh

    Pirelli v Bridgestone v Maxxis v IRC v Dunlop for Mud/Rocks?

    A grooved MX51 works great at Diamond Mill in the rain. And I HATE MX51's I usually run a 204/403 combo..Roots, Rocks, Loamy duft!!!
  14. cdaledh

    2014 Northwest Night Owl gp Series

    Well, can't do the opening round. I had this all scheduled out for the next month. I will be in Wenatchee for a 3-gun shoot on the 12th.
  15. cdaledh

    2014 Northwest Night Owl gp Series

    WHAT??????? Canceled for friggin Rain???????? WTF This is Washington...if you cancel for rain, then NOTHING gets done.... This is BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!