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    06 vs 07 EXC

    I'm about to buy a 525 EXC. I know other messages have touched on this but it looks like the 06's are at least $1000 less. My Utah dealer says he can add the street legal stuff for $200 and deliver it licensed and inspected. My use will be primarily off road but want to avoid licensing hassles in the future. The 07's may have an advantage here but it looks like the differences are hi/low beam, turn signals, more handlebar switches and a steering post lock. I would think nearly all of this could be added to the 06 if ever needed?? The 07's have the black rims (graphics type change only) but sounds like there is a change to the rear suspension. Is this significant or more of a tweak?? I have heard conflicting stories about the 07 arrivals. Some of the XC's are already here. The expected arrival of the EXC's seem to range anywhere from next week to November - anyone have the real story?? Also conflicting stories on engine mods. One dealer says the 06's are already green dot certified even in California and don't expect any changes. Other stories say the 07's will be more restricted - what's the real story??
  2. Has anybody had any success at adding the street legal stuff to an EXC and passing inspection?? If so, please pass on the details of what all you did to meet the requirements and where it was inspected. P.S. My experience when I first came to Utah 25+years ago was that they would give out plates for motocross bike without a second thought. This gradually changed to where the UHP clamped down on the dealers and had a massive list of requirements. I have been out of off road motorcycles for a while now and am thinking about a 525 EXC. Sure would be nice if it was possible to make them street legal for places like Canyonlands that require licensed vehicles.