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    Thanks for the info and the links. I let you know how it works out. Greg
  2. 514greg


    Thanks for the input. I plan to ride it in the dirt mainly fire roads a little single track, no desire for riding track. I am 165 lbs 5'10" and 52 years old. The DRZ400 is too tall for me and a bit heavy. I used to ride as a teenager, a Honda 305 Scrambler, but I got tagged by a station wagon while travelling 65 mph. So I quit for 30 years, but I want to pick it up again. So I'm looking for a light street legal dirt bike. So the KLX250S caught my eye. Anybody riden it in the dirt? Greg
  3. 514greg


    I'm thinking of buying the KLX250S.But haven't read any reviews. Does anyone have any input? Thanks, Greg