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  1. I am not all that worried about the $ as long as I can use it and not have to repair it. As far as resale goes, as someone had mentioned, I am buying it to use it and not worried about that also. When I no longer need it, as in when I get my enclosed one, I will give it to my bro so he can use it. Going to look again at this one tomorrow. Maybe I will bring it home. That is if it is not raining, don't want to take my spotless black truck out of the garage. http://www.mytscstore.com/detail.asp?pcID=3&paID=1023&s
  2. There is one in Bound Brook. I think the address is Bound Brook, The one in Somerville has been gone for years. Not sure if they have the trailers but I can always take a ride over to see. I know they do sell lots of the crown air fresheners and 6" exhaust tips. I wish I had the room now to just get an enclosed one. But as it is I am lacking for space for things. My Waveblaster sits behind my truck in the garage, and its trailer sits outside in the back yard next to the shed. My pocket rocket is in the shed along with the go-kart and some other toys. Then the lawn equipment takes up what little space is left in there. Maybe I should just buy that big trailer now? Second thought I better not, or else I would go out and buy more things to store in it. I am sure I will change my mind a few more times before the weekend is over. I did see a nice ATV trailer at Tractor Supply Co.
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    Thanks for the welcome and info guys. That link will give me yet another place to do some research. I am making a rather large list of things I want to buy. Some of them are, Yosh Ti full system, GYTR air filter kit, Pro Tech lid, not sure about what fuel "box" to get though. Then there are things like shock covers, nerfs, skids, hand guards, and some other things I am forgetting right now. Damn old age does this to you. Finding out what I want to buy is the easy part, trying to find out where to buy is not that easy. Well back to my spending money.
  4. Thanks for letting me know. I am in Flemington so I may just take a ride over and check them out. I just need one to haul around my Raptor for now. Later on down the road a bit I will spring for a nice larger enclosed trailer.
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    Just got my new 700 a few weeks ago. have not ridden it much, but I do love it so far. Please know I have searched, here and gasp....other boards. Only thing is I still not have found the answers I am looking for. I have gotten answers from guys "who know someone" with a 700, but no real answers from real owners Maybe some of you with real world experience can help me out. Exhaust, I have been looking at the Yoshimura Titanium system. Any one have it? Opinions? Cost? Place of purchase? Fit and finish? If you do not have the Yosh, what do you have and could you also answer the same questions Intakes, what do you have? Again, same questions as above, opinions,cost, etc. Fuel controllers? Nerf bars? Grab bars? Tell me about what you have done. Maybe we all can use this in the future to compare changes we have made. Thanks in advance. J