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  1. imo there is nothing wrong with sex period. the problem is people that feel the need to name call because they do not agree. that is what brings us down as humans, and if my daughter or son enjoys sex I will fully supports them. plus i have raised my kids to believe in themselves and not feed into the name callers.
  2. i hear you marc it does close all to fast, but you would have to give me this there are the rare ones like the junk yard dog who is huge in my eyes, being that my eyes along with my body is 56. i can not believe that dude still pulls it off but that is off topic. i know it would be a huge gamble and i am talking out my poop hole hear but lets say you get him for half price get some mentors like the hurricane and tripes and who knows. you see i really do not care if there is thirty huskies at the gate, it is more important to me who they hire. just maybe you can reach the law man and maybe not but i would respect them for trying iether way i will continue to ride my husky. i hope i am still on topic hear.
  3. hey marc sometimes it comes down to a support system, i am hardly a jlaw lover but i have work with so called clowns for many years some you reach some you do not.
  4. i agree with you ray, and i like the guy i was just having fun with it. could you imagine jlaw on a husky, i do not think it could happen but it is fun to think about!
  5. yeah, that's what i'm sayin get the law man and who knows you might luck out and get a national championship or you might get the boot from the ama iether way you keep it interesting and unique, just like husky
  6. ride that is an amazing part of turtle island which is a term the people i work with use for the n.am continent and yes i agree my wr250 is extremely durable which the southern rockies demand and easy to service. i could go to my local dealer and get a yami which i feel is on par with my husky but i like the tradition of the husky not so much for the company it is more about the characters that have raced the brand. i say why not hire jason lawrence that would stir things up.
  7. my ? is this can a small/meduim size company compete on the local scene with a few top guns for the nationals and at the same time give everyone involved a fair paycheck. you see i beleive in supporting the mom and pop stores les, george, dan, ect. i have owned the same vehicle my entire driving life, walk to work,have chickens and a huge garden get my beef from a dude up the road and stay away from the big box mentality. it has not always been like this i grew up in a toxic part of n.j. between a slaugher house and a refinery. always loved the outdoors shooting hoops at the local park climbing tree and bugging my mom until she gave the o.k. for me to buy my first dirt bike a qa50 were i rode with some bros in a sand lot near newark airport. i understand what marc is saying i also rode on the a level many moons ago huskies/ maicos and a will admit a yellow bike but i want to believe that a small company can still compete in todays global throw away mess.
  8. maybe it is time to get back on my horse!
  9. well said there is something about the soul surfer or the baja before all the dollars came into play. i still love going to the races in my 80 diesel westy and parking next to a home on wheels complete with six toilets and x box were the kids do no even bother to watch the racing going on
  10. huskytim

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    edible organic school yard garden manager plus teacher naturalist that means i catch it from both sides also means i can not buy a new bike every year. lucky for me i got a killer deal on 09 txc 250!
  11. huskytim

    Your Best Husqvarna Photo for 2008!

    A friend takes my Husky out for some fun in prep for the Worcs race on Labor Day weekend...
  12. Hey coffee, Thanks for the heads-up on the private member matter. Also, depending on the season, the afternoon breezes vary; Fall is perfect: light breezes and early northwest swells that hit Scott's perfectly, and the water is somewhat warm (for northern CA, that is). Spring is harsh: strong winds and frigid upwellings, but a surf-sailer would rather have strong winds than no winds. cheers, Tim
  13. huskytim

    Man's Best Friend

    I grew up riding on the east coast--mostly sand, and our local track Raceway Park was trucked-in loamy sand--pretty fun stuff in wet conditions and the rain gods were pretty generous. The first time I hit slimy clay was here in New Mexico; it wasn't pretty. I could see how studs would be the way to go. Also, I'm 47
  14. Joe, Thanks for the offer; maybe I'll make it to the GNCC's and take you up on that one of these days. cheers, Tim
  15. Coffee, Scott's is between Davenport Landing and Waddell Beach. It's a sweet break but nowhere near the size of Mavericks. The guys that surf Mav's have buffalo balls By the way, what should I be careful of?