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  1. Deputy25

    DRZ 400-SM questions

    Buy the S and a set of supermoto wheels.
  2. Deputy25

    Longest single on your DRZ

    100 miles to the Allegheny National Forest. Almost 100 miles of dirt. 100 miles home. My butt still hasn't forgiven me.
  3. Deputy25

    Couple o' recent picts...

    What kind of tail-light is that? I would like to get rid of the huge stocker on my 2005. BTW, nice DRZ
  4. Deputy25

    I lost a good freind today

    We have three beagles as well. Had four until last fall...that was a very tough day . RIP Cooter.
  5. Deputy25

    I need help choosing...

    Where did you see that? I was on the US Suzuki site and it was listed at 5599.00.
  6. Deputy25

    DRZ for me?

    I've ridden the DRZ and the XR650L on the highway. I didn't think the 650 was any better, just heavier. My XR650L always ran hot too, not a prob with the DRZ.
  7. Some of the dealerships around here won't even let you sit on one unless you are a "serious" buyer.
  8. Deputy25

    why, how, where is the power?

    I've owned both. I still have the 650.
  9. Deputy25

    DR650 vs. DRZ400s

    The insurance for a DR650 was more than twice the cost of insurance for the DRZ400s here in PA. That was through State Farm. Helped make up my mind.
  10. Deputy25

    Trade up to a DRZ??

    Major upgrade.
  11. Deputy25

    "Playing" with the Fuzz?

    As a cop with a garage full of bikes, I get a kick out of wheelies and that sort of thing. I certainly can't endorse it when I'm on the job, the public is watching. Tag you, or warn you, they'll never know the difference. However, one asshat running from the police can put a lot of other officers (who don't ride) on the backs of EVERY bike they see. So...when you are being made a stockholder at the roadside, you might be paying for all the guys that got away .
  12. Deputy25

    Early chain death! Causes?

    The countershaft sprocket on my DR is snugly attached (no play). In my experience, a looser chain is better than one that is too tight.
  13. Deputy25

    Need your opinions

    Go with the white.