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  1. XR650R-Andrew

    Jetting with Pro Circuit TI-4 exhaust

    Thanks Doug. It was cooler this weekend and he found it wasn't running right. When he described it to me it was obvious that it was indeed too lean. He's got the parts on order. Thanks again, Andrew
  2. XR650R-Andrew

    Jetting with Pro Circuit TI-4 exhaust

    My friend just bought a 2006 CRF450X and put a Pro Circuit TI-4 full exhaust system on it. He tells me it runs fine, but after a few runs now we pulled the spark plug to find its slightly on the lean side. Not very much though. Is anyone else running the same system? Can anyone give some thoughts as to the correct jetting? I was thinking of just raising the needle a position, going up one main jet size, and maybe a slight turn on the mixture screw. Any thoughts? I should add that we're about 100ft above sea level and we ride in 50 to 90 degree weather. Thanks, Andrew
  3. XR650R-Andrew

    XR650R Gearing

    Ok, I've got the 13 tooth sprocket on order and I'll try that out first. Thanks for all the help. Andrew
  4. XR650R-Andrew

    XR650R Gearing

    Thanks everyone. I'm starting to rethink how extreme I'll change the gearing. TimBrp, did you have to change the chain or did the stock chain work?
  5. XR650R-Andrew

    XR650R Gearing

    I'm finding my 2006 XR650R is geared too tall. I'm only using about half of 4th gear. My question is what can I change my gearing to before having to replace the stock chain? I'm thinking I'd like to go with 13/50 gearing. Would I still be able to use the stock chain with this gearing? Sorry if this question has already been asked, I didn't see it when I tried a search. Thanks, Andrew