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  1. XtremeSXF

    07 Questions

    Hey can anyone tell me all the changes they did to the 07 sx-f 250 over the 06 im just curious because i found some info but nothing to technical also where do i get this o-ring for the gas cap because mine to is leaking starting to tick me off lol
  2. XtremeSXF

    Do Not Buy KTM! (UPDATE FINALLY) :)

    Yea i try not to get to excited about things but i look at what they could have done to me which is stick me with the entire bill and what they ended up doing for me, now i do think they draged there a**es through this whole process which i am still upset about but as long as i get a good bike which i paid for ill take not riding for a month as long as the repairs are free.
  3. XtremeSXF

    Do Not Buy KTM! (UPDATE FINALLY) :)

    Yea having to spend 1,200 on a 6500.00 bike i just bought will make anyone an a**hole and **ithead company lol but im not out anymore money just lost a perfect 4th of july weekend of riding grrr!
  4. XtremeSXF

    Do Not Buy KTM! (UPDATE FINALLY) :)

    Link to My first post as requested http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=383432
  5. For those who read my story i posted after memorial day i finally have a conclusion to what KTM is going to do about my blown engine. On June 29th they responded to the dealerships warrenty request stating that not only will they cover the the parts but the labor to. This means that KTM is covering the whole 1200.00 dollar estimated job. As of now dealer is waiting to get parts from KTM since they just sent the old ones in last week and then they will assemble it and i should have a bike by next week. This makes one heck of a loyal customer out of me even though i should not have had problems with my new bike they still stood behind it even though it was 3 weeks past 30 day warrenty. I totally retract all the last statments i made about KTM. ORANGE FOR LIFE! thanks for all your responses guys till something else comes along im out later peace
  6. XtremeSXF

    Do Not Buy Ktm!

    Update... Well i called the dealership today and they once again called KTM to try and get a hold of them and told me KTM will get back with them on the issue and i havn't hear back from the dealership yet. From what i am reading looks like i may be getting screwed by the dealership here and might have to take matters into my own hands on this issue. Everyone on this forum feels i should get it paid for and so do i so if it turns out to be the dealership trying to screw me on this issue i will postthere name on here and if KTM fixes my bike labor and all I apologize greatly about what i wrote because it really is a great bike so hoping to get to the bottom of this by monday thats all for now peace
  7. XtremeSXF

    Do Not Buy Ktm!

    Well i will be contacting them tommarow if the dealer don't get anywhere and yes i am upset right now but getting mad at a big company like KTM wont get me anywhere so ill talk civil with them and hopefully they wont give me a hard time. Even though this has happen it could be a lemon but i have to say this is far from my first dirt bike and even though i only rode it 3 times lol its a great bike light weight and has lots of power i just hope KTM owns up to there problem and makes me a loyal customer again i will post up date as soon as i hear from them
  8. XtremeSXF

    Do Not Buy Ktm!

    No dealer isn't trying to screw me they get paid whether ktm pays for it or i do so what do they care. I will be contacting KTM and if i get no where with calling them i am going to take legal action
  9. XtremeSXF

    Do Not Buy Ktm!

    Also i will be posting my receipt when i get the bike fixed so you know i am not exaggerating
  10. XtremeSXF

    Do Not Buy Ktm!

    Alright im gonna give you a summary of my experience. April 6th 2006 i bought a KTM 06 SXF250. I havn't been able to ride it much since then due to the fact i live in michigan and the weather in april and first part of may wasn't very good so i would say ive less that 6 hours on this bike. The bike is brand new literally. Well i went riding for memorial day weekend as did every one else im sure and this was my 3rd ride out. I ride trails and no where near push my bike to the limits its meant for anyways about half through my ride it started knocking horribly so i shut it off and towed it back. Well i took it into the dealer may 30th 2006 and received a call today letting me know that i blew a lower bearing of some sort and its gonna be 1295.00 and the mechanic told me theres nothing i could to to prevent this just bad tolerance inspection on KTM's behalf. My mechanic called KTM and they will not take liability for this and basically told me im screwed. So here i am with a 6500.00 bike and 2 months later have to drop another 1,200 into it because of bad QC on KTM part. I will never buy a KTM again and i ask no one else even think about getting one they are not comparable to the others. Hope reading this changes some peoples minds on which bike there gonna buy and hopefully no one goes through what i am currently going through hope this thread helps peace
  11. XtremeSXF

    engine knocking bad!!

    Well this past sunday i was riding my 2006 ktm 250sx-f and it encountered the identical problem that you are having i fortunatly left the bike where it was and was able to pick it up with my truck before any damage could occur. Bike ran fine for that past 4 times ive had it out then in the middle of riding it this weekend it started knocking horribly like it had no oil which it does. Starts and runs stonrg just knocks loudly im taking mine to the dealership this weekend to see what the problem is, if you find out let me know sure it will be costly.