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  1. Dennis I.

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    Yep..at any rate,super nice bikes!
  2. Dennis I.

    2017 150 XC-W Review

  3. Dennis I.

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    Is tpi ready for 2020 for the 150xc,and is that a good thing?
  4. Dennis I.

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Cant be much snow there yet?
  5. Dennis I.

    Trail conditions 2017??

  6. Dennis I.

    HorseShoe Lake

    Can you tell me if the trails in Evart would be clear of snow?
  7. Weather projected to be low 40's..can anyone chime in if they think the trails would be suitable for a rip?
  8. Dennis I.

    Most technical trail in mi?

    B loop tomahawk, Evart:)
  9. Dennis I.

    Thinking of new Wr250f

    Isde Australia ladies took home the top spot on the wr250f..
  10. Dennis I.

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Anybody on North Misaukee?
  11. Dennis I.

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Hoping to hear something back from Evart
  12. 2006 Yz144x...the works..tuned suspension,rekluse,flexx bars,Clarke tank,seat concepts,18" rear wheel.
  13. Ktm has since dropped there 150 xc,but made big changes to there 150 sx dropping weight with changes in the engine department. How likely would it be to see this 150 sx in 2017 with Husqvarna plastic and headlight? Or could there be a development something even over and above,or just something along the same model as in the te125 that we see now for North America? A newer/upgraded 200lb or under 150 xc/enduro racer with headlight would be on my short list,currently riding a yz144 modified for this purpose which works extremely well and am very content to keep...only big changes could sway me to upgrade the yz to something with a newer look and a better all around performance package...
  14. Dennis I.

    Yz 125 rear wheel bearings

    After tightening my axle nut I noticed my rear wheel not moving freely on its own(chain removed) checked spacers were in properly(they were).After further inspection I noticed the sprocket side bearing was not able to move using my finger trying to turn it.So I know have both bearings removed...sprocket side bearing is toast...would this bad bearing cause the wheel to not spin freely when I tightened the axle nut?
  15. Dennis I.

    Yz 125 rear wheel bearings

    Thanks for the replies...come to think of it,I questioned that caliper fit...I'm sure that's where the problem lies...will verify once I have the new bearings in.
  16. Dennis I.

    The New Gas Gas EC300!

    Very nice...can't wait to see the 200!
  17. Dennis I.

    Yz125 vs 250f

    Well I have the Eric Gorr 144... In my 4th year racing/trail riding with it...just a fun bike and inexpensive to maintain..see no reason to get rid of it...I ride only woods with it.Sure would be nice to have some bottom end in extreme sections,but no bike is perfect!
  18. Dennis I.

    Will Gas Gas go Bye Bye?

    My thought goes back to the kdx,It,can am,pe175 days back in the early 80's Over the years I have to believe that the ktm 200 has to be one of the best selling offroad bikes..if gasgas can bring a 175 that's lighter than the 200,and technology to a superior motor..I think they would sell..but what I think doesn't really matter..Will say that it's nice to see the brand stay alive,and with plans to improve there enduro line up for my2017:)
  19. Dennis I.

    Will Gas Gas go Bye Bye?

    Ok..time for a 175cc competition 2 stroke! Sure they would sell like hotcakes!
  20. Dennis I.

    Oversized fuel tank YZ 125

    I have a clarke..no problem removing the plug with tank on...fit is good!
  21. Dennis I.

    YZ125 2015/2016 vs. 2006+

    Well I have a 2006 "woods ready". Thought about selling it several times,but after a days ride whether it be trail riding or racing..I know I would be faced with sellers remorse...eg 144,Rekluse,seat concepts,flexx bars,big tank,revalved suspension for woods,and the list goes on...to me the bike is worth 2016 prices...just going to upgrade to 2016 plastic,and I have a "New Looking bike" So if I had to do it all over again..I would do the same,look for a clean used 2006,(my area approx $2500)upgrade to the 2016 look,go through the entire bike...bearings,cables,sprockets,chain,tires,top end. ..at most another $1000 to put into it..hard to beat the value for a used yz125..especially the 2006 models and up...
  22. Dennis I.

    The KTM 200 Club

    Whats this, I'm hearing rumours of no 200 for my2017...that would not be cool...has to be 1 of ktms best sellers
  23. Dennis I.

    Yz125 to 250fx

    Currently have a Eric Gorr 144 that I use for hare scrambles...really do love this bike(2006) as its setup nicely with a Rekluse,big tank,valved suspension for the woods and so on...was wondering if I can get get someone who made the switch to chime in with some thoughts
  24. Dennis I.

    Post your Pictures of Yz's with restyle kits

    To upgrade my 2006 yz125 plastic. ..is the yamaha dealer the only place to go to buy the newer airbox ?
  25. Dennis I.

    Yz125 to 250fx

    Sorry no video...for me i believe i would be faster on the 144 for most cross country, harescramble type events. .only place where i stuggle is the more extreme tyoe events where there is no flow, and unexpecting hills.I like the idea to be able to try both bikes out on a loop that has a bit of everything.