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  1. awebb

    Much change?

    I am looking into getting a CRF450. My friend has one and it is a 02, and it is the only one that I have rode. I am just looking for opinions as to what year I should be looking for. I have done a little research as far as the weight differences, but would like some more input.
  2. awebb

    Hot Cams HELP...FAST!!!

    I wouldn't be worried about the rod or crank as much as the valves. It would be a good idea to check the side clearance and all the other measurement of your rod and crank, but it would be a better idea to check out your valves. I have broke one and it sucks . If your bike is a 01 and the valves have never been changed you definitely want to change them along with the springs. And if you are putting in cams that hold valves open farther and longer then you should go with heavier springs. Just my $.02.
  3. awebb

    removal of decompression lever YZ250f

    You can leave the lever that is on the head intact. Just remove the cable And the lever on the bars. I have an 02 with the auto decompression cam and the lever on the head is still there and doesn't cause any problems. The only problem I have is the intake valve that snapped off.
  4. awebb

    hot cams stage 2 question!!

    If you are really revving it out it would be a good idea to go with the heavier springs. You don't want to float the valves in a engine like this. Are you running the titanium valves, or have you changed to the Stainless steel?
  5. awebb

    Are all YZ250F's like this?

    Like everyone else stated with the valves, it could be something simple like operator error. On my bike I start it with the hot start on and don't even touch the throttle. Sometimes with a hard kick and my hand on the gas I accidentally bump the throttle and then I have to give it the 20 some kick thing to get it running again.
  6. awebb

    Oil strainer wrench size??

    It is the normal right hand thread. Will the 18mm not fit because of the rounded corners? Sometimes you have to chip paint off of nuts and bolts to get the correct size Wrench to fit. I just changed oil on mine a few days ago and I think it was a 18mm. I am not near my bike so I cant check right now, sorry.
  7. awebb


    Thanks for your help. Do you have any ideas were I can get one for cheap? I found new ones fo $400.
  8. awebb


    I am wondering if the heads of the yz250f years 01-04 or 05 are the same other than the auto decompression lever on the 03 and up. I have a 02 that decided to spit out a valve. I may have found a good used head for a 03, and I already have the decompression cam. I just want to be 100% sure that it will fit. Anyone Know?