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  1. Hows it going ladies and gent? Anyways I purchased a 04 250 a bit ago, ran great for awhile, then wouldn't start. It is my first 4 stroke and I wish I read about the reliability factor beforehand but I didn't. So here I am. She don't start now. I pulled it apart to find the intake side had 0'd out, especially the clutch side on intake. It is out of spec and I can't shim anymore. That being said, I have found a shop locally, recommended by several friends who does great work. Here is where I want some advice. Should I spend the 600-800 to have it done with SS valves,springs, machined, all the fun stuff, or cut my loss and sell it as is and go get something new? I can't find a whole lot of information about people who have spent the money on the bike and then how it ran after. I don't want to drop the 800 bucks and then ride it twice and go through the same problem. My point being will this just be an up hill battle forever? Or is it worth spending some money vs paying payments every month on something new? And what is the reliabiity factor and maintence on the 13's kxf's? or rmzs? I understand this has been asked, I have read alot, I am just looking for some knowledge from people who know this bike far better then myself. All advice, and help is greatly appreciated. -Garrett
  2. Toyota00

    What Bike?

    Ok I used to have a 125 and I sold it about a year and a half ago. Now I want to ride again. I might race every once in awhile, and mostly just ride for fun, but it will be at tracks and trails... I really liked the 125 but I don't know maybe I should go with a 250 4 stroke? Im looking into a 07 or 08 and either Kawi or Yami... I am like 5 6" and 130... I can't decide, I need the bike till last untill Im outa college which I will be starting next year... So I was reading about 250 2 smokes... Idk though, can I have some of your opinions? Thank you!
  3. Toyota00

    Apex Pics

    Just wondering if anyone has some pics from apex, I haven't been for a long time, and just want to see it again... lol
  4. Toyota00

    Video I Made

    What part of nevada is that in?
  5. This is the same kid that asked what is the best 250 2 smoke a couple weeks ago.... haha, now that isn't enough power for him, he needs a "crotch Rocket".
  6. And bikes are 100 times more dangerous. I say go with the truck. Trucks and dirtbikes.
  7. Toyota00


    Thanks for the input guys, and thanks hemiorange, I understand this topic better now. Its interesting, and everyone should try to ride a ktm once. I had a yz and sold it, I like the ktm feel better.
  8. Toyota00


    Ok, I own a KTM. I have heard alot of people love them, and alot of people completely hate them. It seems there is no one that just says yeah, they are good bikes. I just sort of wanted to know what the whole deal is with this? Is it just because they use the different suspension set up from the jap bikes? Or are there other things that bug people? I posted this in the general area to get a non biased reply. Anyways just wondering what the whole deal is with these bikes, people love em' or completely hate em'.
  9. Toyota00

    ? Coral Pink Sand Dunes

    My neighbor went there twice. You need paddles from what I have heard.
  10. Toyota00

    Clutch Question

    Its on loose right now but not leaking, and if it gets tighter it will start leaking it seems like, my only concern is, that it may come unscrewed while riding? Or are they pretty snug once they are tightened just a hair?
  11. Toyota00

    Clutch Question

    Where can I get those copper gaskets?
  12. Toyota00

    Clutch Question

    Ok, I guess it is a copper washer, that has to be replaced once it has been unscrewed, so now, does anyone know what this kit comes with? http://ktmcyclehutt.com/ktmstore/hardparts/tools/m0720568.jpg
  13. http://ktmcyclehutt.com/ktmstore/hardparts/tools/m0720568.jpg Does the bleed kit come with the copper washers? Does anyone know? Thanks
  14. Toyota00

    Clutch Question

    Ok, first I discovered there is nothing protecting the nipple in the pic. So I unscrewed the bolt a hair and I was going to clean it out, then oil started to drip. So I tightened it back up, but now I still have oil dripping out of the part that is circled in red? What do I do to stop this, it isn't gushing out, its a real slow drip. Any ideas? I need to clean that black nipple out so should I just take it off, drain all the clutch oil out, and then bleed the clutch too, but then I still don't know why it is leaking? Any help is great, I am new to these clutches. Here is the pic - http://public.fotki.com/Toyota00/03_ktm/pic1.html
  15. Toyota00

    Where to find a top end kit??

    I found one for my 03 ktm 125 off rockymountainatvmc.com