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  1. rafourstroker

    Knee Braces

    I had a Chiropractor write a prescription for mine and the insurance paid for it. It will probably depend on your insurance.
  2. rafourstroker

    KX Swingarm bearing help ?

    I'm in White House
  3. rafourstroker

    KX Swingarm bearing help ?

    I notice your in TN, so am I, I'm 35 miles north of Nashville, if your close I'd be glad to help,,worth asking I guess !
  4. rafourstroker

    KX Swingarm bearing help ?

    I just had this problem with an 04 that I bought, used a 1/2" drive socket and I think it was a 18M, be careful which side you press it out of, each side is a different size, put the socket in the small side and press it toward the larger, you can only press it so far, then you will have to reverse the process and push it the rest of the way out, then just reverse the process. This was the first set I had ever done, it took me about 45 minutes, you can buy a tool to do this for about 65.00 or go to Ace and pick up the all thread and washers for about $8.00. You'll get the same results, there is a thread on TT for Tricks and Tips you'll find this.
  5. rafourstroker

    Scotts steering stabilizer for MX???

    I want ride a bike without one, motocross or trails.
  6. rafourstroker

    Honda 2002 Honda TRX450ES

    Looking for some advise, my dad ran upon a guy that has a 02 Foreman 450ES, it was ran low on oil and quit, it still has plenty of compression, the guy ask my dad 400 for it, is it worth it ? Just wondering, I know some engines will shut down before blowing if they are ran low on oil. My dad is 68 and just likes messing with these things, especially if he thinks he can make a few bucks off it. Thanks for any help !
  7. rafourstroker

    Aftermarket Exhaust for 05 CR85

    I'm looking for a used aftermarket pipe and silencer. Thanks
  8. rafourstroker

    Looking for front Brake Rotor for TTR125LE

    TT Store had them and saved me big $$. Thanks
  9. rafourstroker

    Looking for front Brake Rotor for TTR125LE

    Does anyone have one for sale ? 2005
  10. rafourstroker

    Mxer's using steering stabilizers?

    I wouldn't ride a bike without one, I think Renthal makes a Pad for a bar that goes over the stabilizer to give the rider protection for the rental bars.
  11. rafourstroker

    Where can I buy rocket exhaust?

    Ebay, $450.00 starting bid plus they offer free shipping on a full system. $479.00 on buy it Now price.
  12. rafourstroker

    FMF Powerbomb Header

    The header pipe comes with an insert that will fit into the stock muffler, I did cut about 1 inch off and got it to bolt up, but the way it fit just didn't look right, I rode it for about 5 minutes to make sure there were no leaks, but I didn't want to take a chance of doing damage, so I went ahead and ordered an FMF slip on to be safe.
  13. rafourstroker

    FMF Powerbomb Header

    Thats probably a true statement, but I have yet to see anywhere in ordering these where this problem is outlined, Thanks for your feedback !
  14. rafourstroker

    FMF Powerbomb Header

    I just bought the FMF Power Bomb header, it was about 1-2 inches longer than the stock header pipe. I bought the header pipe on ebay new, the problem is it hits inside the midpipe before the pipe touches the head, I called FMF to see if it would work on the stock muffler, they said I had to put on FMF slip on, but I was looking at Motosports Outlet's catalog and they say it will work on stock, can anyone help me ? Thanks