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  1. I have a new in the box RS4 system available for a 2013 - 2015 KTM 350, need to sell. Brand new never opened just bought last week. $499 complete system
  2. Redrider46


    having issues with rear brake, lost all pressure a few rides ago and bleed out and got it working again for last 3 weekends then today after 1 moto completely lost thru rear again. Any suggestions... looks like oil is on the rubber boot. I have oversized galfer rotors on front and rear along with steel Goodrich lines and galfer pads. 13 rmz. 450
  3. Redrider46

    ECM Tuning 2013?

    I ride the same local tracks Perris, Elsinore and Milestone and rode the stock coupler then made a change to lean (White) and it seem to hit faster and runs cleaner. I have run the lean one for the past few rides and still have stock pipe on. 461
  4. Redrider46

    Why is my SFF fork so stiff?

    I had RaceTech fix mine on a 13 RMZ 450 and it is now perfect. The SFF need to get valved properly.
  5. Redrider46

    Stripped Thread

    Somehow the lower radiator shroud bolt that goes into the tank is stripped and cannot get the stock bolt in. Any recommendations as the tank is aluminum.
  6. Redrider46

    07 450 Backfire

    Does the boyseen quick shot do what the AP mod essentialy does? I had one on my CRF250 and it made improvements on quick acceleration. I need to eliminate the pop and run the 48/170 setup but dont want to run into another issue with a bog on the low end.
  7. Redrider46

    07 Gearbox question

    Get one, no problems shifting at all, it is primo
  8. Redrider46

    07 450 Backfire

    Great info, I am going to roll with the 48/170 combo and see. I rode at Cal City MX yesterday in the hi desert and today will roll locally at Piru. www.pirumx.com I just started to do this over the past week as the temps have been cooler.
  9. Redrider46

    07 450 Backfire

    My bike probably has 10 or so hours and now is making a loud POP on decel and when starting when cold or warm. I adjusted the fuel/idle combo at the track and could not get it to really go away. I also sprayed some carb cleaner up in the pilot without removing the pilot to clean it out but no improvement. Any suggestions as it really is annoying and sounds horrendous.
  10. Redrider46

    Free Snap on tools

    I have nothing yet, did you have to complete a form at the dealer??
  11. Redrider46

    new special edition yzfs

    Anyone find grahpics for the 07 SE? I have called factoryeffex and they dont have anything out yet. DRD makes a good looking set but want to see more options.
  12. Redrider46

    new special edition yzfs

    The SE has the same "gold suspension" as the the blue bike but MacJ must have eyes like an 80 year old. Did the DRD carbon pipe make any improvements?? Cappy the loan guy?? www.ssmwholesale.com
  13. Redrider46

    Applied triple clamps for the 07?

    The 07 turns like a 250F, I dont think you will need to do much besides finding the right fork height. The bike is sicko
  14. Redrider46

    new special edition yzfs

    The 07 is flat out the best bike I have ever had out of the box. I have been on both Honda/Yamaha & Ktm 250F's over the past 4 years and had an RMZ 450 for 06 and did not love it. The new 07 YZF has my buddies with CRF's wanting to dump them and get the Yami. It has smooth roll on power and is easy to throw in any corner with unreal suspension. Get one, and the special edition is white/silver, no gold.
  15. Redrider46

    ktm sucks

    Honest opionion is today is the last day I will ride my 06 250 SXF. I have had 3 KTM's including 2 125's and the new 250 F which is a great bike however the reality is that i went out and picked up and 07 YZF 450 a few weeks ago due to the issues with the KTM starting simply and the fact that after revalved suspension I just was not happy. The YZF is by far the best bike I have ever ridden and raced and I am 5'7/175. I rode the 250 today just to put some time on it again but I wish I would have brought the YZF. I really like KTM and the quality but the YZF is just way better with suspension and smooth controllable power. KTM's are just like Maserati's, they are not for everyone but they look killer and have great features but dont compare to a porsche