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  1. tXRheel

    Rowher Flats/Texas Canyon

    November approacheth. Has anyone heard any updates? Maybe they'll get distracted with all the Station Fire closures and forget to renew the Rowher/Drinkwater closure.
  2. tXRheel

    Minors on ATV's / Safety Certificate

    Thanks for all the feedback.
  3. While I do not ride an ATV, my 9 year old does... California Vehicle Code 38503 now requires my kid and/or the supervising adult (me) to complete an all-day ATV Safety Course and obtain an ATV Safety Certificate. Does anyone know if this is being enforced? Don't get me wrong, I'm all about safety (especially for my kid), but I'm not exactly looking for opportunities to hand out $100 bills... especially for a service that I can perform myself (teach my own kid how to ride safely).
  4. tXRheel

    Moving to Ventura

    No- close to Lynn and Wendy... and I drive thru MoPark every day.
  5. tXRheel

    Moving to Ventura

    There is plenty of EPIC riding of ALL kinds (Uly & KLX) in California... you just won't be able to hit the dirt until you get a ways out of Ventura. Dualsport is definetly the way to go... otherwise you will be stuck on the reservation... and they like to close those everytime someone sneezes. If you are moving to Ventura, don't bother buying another bike when you get here... what you REALLY need is a 9-6 Walden Magic Model.
  6. tXRheel

    Moving to Ventura

    Ventura is a great place to live for lots of reasons, but off-road riding isn't one of them. There's really no legal riding to speak of within about an hour of Ventura unless you count the the track in Piru. Plenty of good riding around, you'll just need to drive a bit. Are you moving from NC? I've been here in Ventura County (Newbury Park) for about 20 years now, but was born and raised in NC.
  7. tXRheel

    April 11/12, GT/FH/EF - have a Happy Easter;

    Which Valley boat did you get? I've always wanted a Nordkapp. I've been through a bunch of boats over the years, but never owned a Valley. Right now I'm paddling a Point 65 'XP'. Superslyko - As for the cost... Yes, good boats are not cheap. Plastic Valley boats are $1799 MSRP, if you want fiberglass or carbon/kevlar... you'll be spending $3000+. But it's all relative. Every sport has it's costs. I think kayaking is very cheap compared to motorcycles. With kayaking, there's no entry fees, almost no maintenance/parts/repairs, no greensticker fees, no gas, etc. etc. Best of all, there's total freedom, no one to tell you where you can and cannot go... (well, once I got busted playing in the surf at the Point Mugu Naval Base) Hell, you can even carry a weeks worth of camping gear if you really want to prolong the experience. Great sport!
  8. tXRheel

    Rowher Flats Update

    Sorry to dredge up this thread again... in this case, no news is probably bad news. Has anyone heard anything? any updates?
  9. tXRheel

    Electric Motorcycle BLM Land and Investigation

    Wow! Electric motorcycles and Portable solar charging stations! I'm afraid to even imagine how much that cost us in tax dollars.... and for what?
  10. tXRheel

    Thanks Senator - Part 2

    Stuff that letter in your pocket and go ahead and ride in these new wilderness areas... when you get busted:busted: , just pull out the letter and point to this line: "It is my understanding that the NLCS Act would not change the relevant laws concerning access to the public lands involved" Tell the officer that it's OK, you have a signed letter from Senator Dianne Feinstein that clarifies "access laws haven't changed".
  11. tXRheel

    Lost Plate - Johnson Valley

    I lost my plate in the Johnson Valley area on Friday. If anyone finds/found one, please let me know. Thanks,
  12. tXRheel

    Lost License Plate in Cal City

    I lost my plate too... on Friday in Johnson Valley.
  13. tXRheel

    Is there riding in the Angeles National Forest?

    If you are plated, there is plenty of legal fire-road. As mentioned before, there is no legal single-track and the fire-road stuff is fairly boring after a while. There's a group on the ADV Rider site that rides up there every Saturday morning.
  14. tXRheel

    Mammoth camping

    But the up-side is that you'll have plenty of room for us to come up and crash in your trailer! What were those dates again?? Just kidding.