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  1. Buy it You will never mount the Suzuki again IMO
  2. IMO this is the way to go , as the comfort seat restricts slide movement. The comfort seat's for the old blokes You want comfort, buy humvy I can afford to be a bit cheeky, as i'm a long wayz away OZZY, OZZY, OZZY Time to crawl back under my rock
  3. festa

    Where can I trail ride in Japan?

    Hi brandolph80 Wouldn't have a clue where you can trail ride in Japan. But thought i'd say hello anywayz Noticed you are in the military. Would that be the Japanese military ?? And are you riding a Jap bike? If you arn't Jap military, where are you from and what are you doin there ? If you are Jap, your English is very good, you actually have an R on your keyboard. ...Only joking... Dood take the time and get back to us, as i'm interested. I,ve never been to Japan.. Post a pick or two, show us your bike and where you ride..Throw in a bit of bullshit if you want. Gotta go feed the Kangaroo, before it eats the dog Conichi-wa:thumbsup:
  4. festa

    98 RXCe 620 Stupid question

    I'm thinking 1 could be start/run 2 could be park lights But only guessing:excuseme: Does the bike run on them both ?? Maybe it has two map settings - 1 for the tight/twisty 2 for fast/open Yeah i'll shut-up now:blah:
  5. festa

    how many aussies on here ?

    Gold Coast, Qld:p
  6. festa

    Plastics for 97 LC4 620SC

    Hi I also ride a 97 620 {in oz also S.E.QLD} Can"t answer all your questions, but i know that the tank/radiator shrouds don't fit without a tank/seat change. As for the rear gaurd i have a brand new one here, never used silver if this helps you out. Festa ... as in rot P.S. Definetaly NOT a KTM expert
  7. festa

    1997 KTM 640 Adventure Input

    What Azstorm said,, i second it:thumbsup:
  8. Don't even think about the lazy man theory Bite the bullet and just do it right That way you will only be doing the job once:applause: YOUR'V BEEN WARNED:p Good luck with your repairs Ahdoman
  9. very popular here in Australia I ride the 620 model, and love it - bulletproof But your question was very vaige {spelling}. you might get more responces if you tell what the LC4 is going to be used for. EG- road, off road, motorcross, motard ect. ect. My opinion - Top Bike - Let us know what ya get, and happy hunting:thumbsup:
  10. festa

    any riders from oz here??

    Sounds like Heaven to me. When you get back, and If you get time, maybe you could post a ride report here.Maybe some pics ? Good luck and enjoy Jealous Festa P.S were Ozzys, we all know where the Whitsundays are:p
  11. festa

    any riders from oz here??

    Yep. Gold Coast But don't have much to say here in the Baja dominated forum.. Spend most of my TT time lurking in the KTM forums.. You guys have got my attention now, so i will frequent here more often OZZY OZZY OZZY:worthy:
  12. festa

    LC4 oil?

    Motul 5100:worthy:
  13. festa

    looking for riding buddys S/E QLD OZ

    Now your really joken