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    While I'm sure that the Cruz dial tire gauge is a fine piece of equipment. There are two problems. 1) The range is still too high for dirt bikes. 0-30 psi is what's needed. Lots of resolution at the low end. 2) The chuck is angled. Life is much easier with a 90 degree chuck. I get mine from these guys: http://www.getagauge.com/Accu-Gage-HSeries.cfm
  2. I find the timing odd. If I understand it right, the press release announcing the opening was Oct 19. The deadline for the application was EOB Oct 21. That's just 48 hours. That seems an unreasonably short period of time and would not allow enough time for all qualified candidates to learn of the opening and come to a decision to apply. Who's hair was on fire that they could not allow a week? It will be interesting to see who gets the seat. Will that person be pro-motorized or anti? This blink-and-you'll-miss-it window to apply suggests to me that political games are afoot.
  3. brush

    knee brace?

    Certainly the case for my acl injury this April. 2nd enduro of the season for me. I was out of shape and tired. Because of that fatigue, I was not careful in how I put my leg out to set up for a turn. Snap,crackle, pop and that was that.
  4. brush

    ACL recovery

    I appreciate the perspective. I was just about to post a "how old is too old?" question, but you've beaten me to the punch. I'm a newbie here, searching threads for acl info. I tore my acl about six weeks ago in an enduro (which is my passion, not MX !) When discussing reconstructive surgery, my mid 30's ACL doc has given me the "if this were 15 years ago, we wouldn't even consider it" speech and has managed to imply that those over a "certain age" should think seriously about skipping surgery. I'm responding well to PT and will probably be able to ride soon with a brace. However, I can see that while I could get along the way it is now, it will subtly push me into a less active lifestyle over time. Anyway, thanks for the feedback (& sorry for the thread hijack)
  5. brush

    ACL recovery

    Hi, I wonder if I could ask you to clarify this? Are you saying that anyone who has a torn acl, but does not opt for surgical repair is doomed to a future knee replacement? I ask because I tore my acl about six weeks ago. I'm 47 and I am facing this decision.