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  1. Has anyone had any experience with these? They are in the TT store and claim 130W DC. I recenty got my OEM stator rewound to run larger lights for a 24 hr race, but the bike will no longer kick start. Tried a stator out of another KLX and kick started no worries. Problem is that the bloke who did my stator cannot find the problem. I am thinking of getting him to help with the cost of a Moose Racing stator.
  2. You are all correct. The KLX is quite quiet with the stock muffler.
  3. I have a KX header on mine with a Q4 slip on. It runs sweet with more power everywhere and quicker throttle response. Slighty louder than stock but not much. I got the Ti Q4 from the states when our dollar was just above 70 cents. Still worked out slighty cheaper even with postage and could not find the Ti version anywhere here in Australia. Most of all i notice the huge weight difference when swapping out through the whoops. You wont regret spending the money.
  4. Hollywood, All i know is, that his name is Christophe Meillat and that he owns a kawasaki dealership in Limoges (France). Good luck.
  5. Raise needle/lower clip = Richer. Lower needle/raise clip = Leaner.
  6. Howdy, I am in the process of changing my suspension to the springs i bought from shock treatment and are wondering what oil and viscosity you guys recommend running in the twin cartridge kayaba forks on my klx450? Also apparently there is a thread that outlines how to dissassemble and assemble the kayaba twin cartridge forks but i cannot find it, does anyone know where it is? Cheers, Haydos.
  7. Get right up to balance point but keep your toe on the rear brake. If you go too far then just add a little back brake. Takes great presence of mind to do that though. You would be surprised how far you can be gone and recover it with rear brake. Practice, practice,practice. Whats the 3x3 mod?
  8. What exactly is the ais?
  9. Cheers John. i have asked for the dealer to install 160 main. However a procircuit header will be on the bike. Also i live in the desert (Roxby Downs) so there is alot of high speed stuff. Where did you get the probillet insert from?
  10. Hopefully i pick up my KLX on wednesday. Are you lads running the standard needle and on what clip position? I should be able to have some input soon.
  11. So if i get one of these, should i be looking at keeping my scotts steering dampener off my old bike?
  12. Yeah some people have had no problems and then some have vowed never to buy one again. One of those a very good mechanic and rider. So i am a little nervous of them, but crikey, it was a good bike to ride.
  13. I rode an '07 CRF450X with just an aftermarket pipe on the weekend and came away mighty impressed. The bike just tipped into corners awsome, even when i thought i had missed them, and the engine was very responsive. Suspension may have been a little soft but allowed the bike to drive out of corners incredibly well. So now i am thinking of swapping camps and getting one. The only reason i did not get one earlier was due to all the reliability issues that i have heard and seen with the earlier models. Do the new models still have the top end issues and are the gearboxes still locking up on the odd bike? I am looking at getting a new '08 model so any feedback would be appreciated. Cheers, Haydos.
  14. Thanks Rob, yeah could be something simple like a skid plate resonating, just seems to be more pronounced when the engine is accelerating and de-accelerating. The noise definately seems to be coming from the engine either stationary or in gear. Just need to make a list of check to ensure i dont miss anything. So far ive got:- -Check for loose stuff around engine -Change oil and check for excessive metal -Check valve clearances DualsportWA, I remember a while ago some were have a clutch issue with the '06 model but i can not remember what it was. The 'normal noise', does every bike develop it or is it there from new?
  15. G'day TT'ers My husky has just developed a slight knocking noise on accel and decel. What could cause this other than an expensive bigend? The bike has done 2100 miles and has always had top quality sythetic oils. Have not done anything to the bike other than regular oil changes and filter cleans. Thanks in advance. Haydos.