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  1. jmalone68

    XR400 - no spark

    OK - We have a winner! It was the coil, although there was nothing wrong with the coil. I took the gas tank off and looked for the coil, and there it was... with a couple of cables coming out of it, except... One of the cables was disconnected. It wasn't the one going to the spark plug, but the other one. I plugged the wire back into the very obvious loose end, checked for a spark and, whaddyaknow, nice bright blue spark! Wonders will never cease! Adjust the idle control and VROOOMMM - a very happy Aussie in AZ. Thanks all for your help and suggestions. We got it fixed and I didn't have to pay to get it done, and best of all, I know more about the bike than I did before. Ride On!
  2. jmalone68

    XR400 - no spark

    Thanks AzMtnThumper, I'm not that far from Canyon Honda, so might give them a go. Cheers, John
  3. jmalone68

    XR400 - no spark

    Hey AzMtnThumper, What's wrong with the dealerships? As I said I'm new in town. Actually I'm new in the country so would really like a heads-up on things like this. Thanks, John
  4. jmalone68

    XR400 - no spark

    Thanks Trailryder42, I haven't had the tank off yet, so it looks like it's about time.. Appreciate all the opinions. Cheers, John
  5. jmalone68

    XR400 - no spark

    2002 model XR400 Now comes the dumb questions. Where do I find the coil? I'll have to have another read of the manual. And get some more tools... Thanks so much for the ideas. Keep 'em coming. I'll take all comers. Cheers, John
  6. jmalone68

    XR400 - no spark

    Hello All, I've got an XR400 that doesn't want to produce a spark. I've done the following so far, all to no avail: Changed the spark plug for a new one Disconnected the kill switch Swapped the ignition controller "little black box" with another working XR400 Any ideas? If not, recommendations of good mechanics in the north Phoenix area would be helpful too. I've not long moved to Phoenix from Australia and haven't got many contacts yet. Cheers, John