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  1. Thanks that review gave me a good idea
  2. my neighbour has the ttr125 that i ride sometimes. but i have my own bike kx125
  3. what is the 05 kwacka like
  4. I am planing to get a new bike really soon. I just want to know what is the best 05 4 stroke 250f for motocross
  5. dont try it yet but once you get good try it. I just learnt to do it but on a 125 2stroke
  6. yeah plus do u change gears in the air
  7. My neighbour had a ttr 125. 2 nd gear is easiest. Start at a slow speed and drop the clutch in a kind of high gear and pull back. Start small first
  8. what will happen to dirt bikes in the future with the world running out of fuel