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    trails to get fast,track to prove it !
  1. RIDE 13

    Need new triple clamp

    I run RG3 clamps,love em.You can't beat 4 post rubber mount!!!
  2. RIDE 13

    Best woods setup 06 YZF 450

    If your a woods rider for the most part,you might look into a rukluse.... I have an 06 450 stock frntsprocket,51rear and a rukluse and have no problems in the woods(single track..tight tree's...elevation changes) I rejeted to 170m 48p and have white bros. E-2.Hope this helps:thumbsup:
  3. RIDE 13

    length between oil changes

    Thank you sir!!Not only have you open my eye's to oil differences,you have saved me possible $$$$ in repairs.I won't be useing yamalube any more!!!
  4. RIDE 13

    Which stroke is your fav, and why?

    4 stroke,cause of the consistant power:eek: idle to revlimiter:thumbsup:
  5. RIDE 13

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    GiG Harbor 06 450f:p
  6. the only thing good about the wireless one's is the sound.DON'T waist your money.That extreme kit is worth the money,watch the vids,speakes for itself.Thanks for the heads up brinker and xylicon
  7. RIDE 13

    length between oil changes

    I am useing yamalube 4R 10w-50 semi senthetic
  8. I was wondering,Is changing my oil every 3 hrs of rideing,oil filter every6hrs to much?I ride alot of wet trail,race in the summer.
  9. RIDE 13

    2006 YZ450 Spring Guide Failure

    Ihavn't had any problems with my 06 besides a fork seal.I have 16.3 hrs on mine:applause:
  10. RIDE 13

    06 YZF450 fork seals leaking

    I have 16 hrs on my 06 and Iblew my left side seal also.Thanks for the heads up grayracer.
  11. RIDE 13


    I have 16.3 hrs on mine.I change my oil every 3 hrs,filter every 6.You will know when it's time to adjust the valves by listening to it.After breakin check the valve clearence,after that RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT:applause:
  12. RIDE 13

    Pics of the 07 ready for race season

    that is bad azz,nice job:thumbsup:
  13. RIDE 13

    bottom end bog on 06 YZF450

    Im in wash. st about 500ft,I have white bros. E-2 170m/48p. I have know complaints about it
  14. RIDE 13

    the rekluse

    I have an 06 450,put one in my bike.The only time I use the clutch is to put the bike in or take out of gear.I think it's one of the best mods a trail rider could ask for.As far as the track,off the line it pulls hard with max traction,corner speeds improve, You don't get nearly as tiredin a moto.The only downfall is the price$$$$
  15. RIDE 13

    Couple Questions 06YZ450

    I had a 01 426,besides the weight,it is the best handleing motorcycle I have ever ridden.As far as the 06,aftermarket glid plate from works connection keeps the mud out I warm up the bike before I leave the house and check my oil then.That way I can concentrate on the ride :ride:I would sugjust some black grip tape on the fram,the glue comes off,the deep scuffs don't!