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  1. You need stiffer springs I"m the same weight as you on an 08yz250f and I have .48fronts and 5.5 in the back.You will notice a huge improvement!Bike will be alot plusher best 200$ you will spend!Racetech says 4.8 fork 5.2 shock!http://old.racetech.com/evalving/SpringRateCalculation/dirtspring.asp?brand=Yamaha&yr=2006&ml=YZ250F&formuse=form1&SpringType=Fork&bikeid=1632
  2. I agree Coss56 .He should talk to his riding group.Complaining about a little bustin on the net isn't going to solve anything:banghead:In my riding group everone gets it a little be it gear,bikes or whatever.All in good fun!
  3. I would add a tooth to the front sprocket.I did this to my 290 and it made a huge improvement.I was a little dissapointed in it untill I added the tooth.
  4. I have an 08 yz250f:banana: I rode my buddies 250 sxf.I really didn't care for it.The motor seemed ok but the bikie felt really wide.They're both good bikes but parts are cheaper and are easier to find on the Yamaha.They are both reliable bikes.I don't think you can go wrong with either one.
  5. http://www.mx573practicetrack.com/default.htm
  6. In May I had a nasty getoff.I came up short on a jump i have done like 100+ times before.I shattered my patella (I only have 50% left)tore my acl ruptured my patella tendon.That was all on my left leg I also broke my right foot(Lizfranc fracture)I was in a wheelchair for six weeks.Through that all I only thought about quiting once right after surgery(hurt like Hell!!!)
  7. Personally i would get the 125.It will teach you more skills.It's a big jumo up to a 250 smoker!!There also a blast tor ride!
  8. Did you remove the spark arrestor screen?
  9. Dr. Mark I had surgery 5 weeks ago.I shattered my pattella they wired it back together.I also ruptured my patella tendon and torn my acl.I'm in a knee immobolizer still.The surgeon said I can't bend it for another 3 weeks.I'm very worried about my rom being in the brace so long.I have been taking the brace off and doing some rom should I stop this?
  10. My buddy fixes his with a 20,000 pound press.It seems to work well.
  11. That sucks I just had the same injury:banghead: Except I tor my tendons and ligaments off:foul: I also had a Lisfranc Fracture on my other foot.
  12. I would definately wear the knee pads.I've been riding for 20 years and never had a bad wreck.Well I came up short 2 weeks ago and shatterd my knee cap and broke my foot.I had to have surgery on both with protective gear on I couldn,t imagine my knee if I didn't have my knee pads on
  13. I really dont think that bike has alot of hours, unless it was babied.
  14. I wouls say a klx110 but that will be out of your price range.I would look for a xr100 or a pw80.
  15. It would fit you but you probably will get bored very quickly.I bought one for my wife they're good bikes but they're begginer bikes.