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  1. mechanic-man


    hey just wondering if the sdg frames are good? what are ther best made frames? (not crf 50) Thanks Ben.
  2. mechanic-man

    Big Bore And Carby..

    Ok im thinking of buying a tbolt 146 bigbore kit for my motovert 125. i would just like to ask whats the deal with my carby? do i have to buy a new one or can i re-jett to fit the bore? I'm lost at this point lol. Thank, Ben.
  3. mechanic-man

    What U's Think? Quick!!

    Sorry about that guys. Here you go:
  4. mechanic-man

    What U's Think? Quick!!

    What do you guys think of this bike? http://www.miniriders.com.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=270&d=1165230342 http://www.miniriders.com.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=271&d=1165230371 http://www.miniriders.com.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=272&d=1165230388 http://www.miniriders.com.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=273&d=1165230409 http://www.miniriders.com.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=274&d=1165230424 I know the guys thats selling it here in aus. he's asking $1350 ono. MINI BIKE THUMPER, 125cc PIT RACER PRO 2007 MODEL....J-Ling 4 Stroke start in any gear engine (Engine used in original Thumpstar Bikes better than Ducar 125cc and Lifan 138cc)....Mikuni Carby...Twin Chromolly Pipe Frame with engine cradle and 3 point engine mount...Spring Loaded Levers...Adjustable Dampener on Forks including compression and rebound...Adjustable rear shock...Alloy and Chrome Exhaust.......12'rear wheel.....14' front tyres....Alloy Rims....Kenda Milliville Tyres....F/R Disc Brakes with braided lines...lots more trick bits What yas think ben.
  5. mechanic-man

    Pitster Pro 125 X2

    Ok, so out of 10 what would you guys rate the x2?
  6. mechanic-man

    Pitster Pro 125 X2

    what else could i do appart from the bore kit?
  7. mechanic-man

    Pitster Pro 125 X2

    If i got the x2, is there much out there for mods out there for em? like big bore kits etc? ben.
  8. mechanic-man

    Pitster Pro 125 X2

    Who own a 125 x2? is it a good ride and are there any like problems with it? Like Pros and Cons. Thanks Ben.
  9. mechanic-man

    Help! cant find graphix

    is there a 50 model bike that has the same plastic as a pit bike? like crf or xr? coz im looking at sticker kits.
  10. mechanic-man

    Help! cant find graphix

    outlaw! thats the one! whats the website? thanks a ton!! Ben.
  11. mechanic-man

    Help! cant find graphix

    Some one made or posted a thread with a link to some shweet graphix, i can remember on of the graphix hade like a revolver or handgun on it n some others. can you please help me!? i've tryed searching but no luck yet. Thanks Ben.
  12. mechanic-man

    DMC Afterburner

    wich exhaust brand/system would give me maximum power? Thanks Ben.
  13. mechanic-man

    Sideways Industries

    Anyone heard of them? are they any good? and has anyone herd of FYR Industries? Thanks Ben.
  14. mechanic-man

    Honda CT 110 (postie bike) help

    is it possible to put something like a 125 thumpstar engine on a postie? when i ask this i mean by: would a thumpstar engine bolt on the same as the ct110 engine does? Ben.