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  1. Sdg

    hey just wondering if the sdg frames are good? what are ther best made frames? (not crf 50) Thanks Ben.
  2. Ok im thinking of buying a tbolt 146 bigbore kit for my motovert 125. i would just like to ask whats the deal with my carby? do i have to buy a new one or can i re-jett to fit the bore? I'm lost at this point lol. Thank, Ben.
  3. Sorry about that guys. Here you go:
  4. What do you guys think of this bike? http://www.miniriders.com.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=270&d=1165230342 http://www.miniriders.com.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=271&d=1165230371 http://www.miniriders.com.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=272&d=1165230388 http://www.miniriders.com.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=273&d=1165230409 http://www.miniriders.com.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=274&d=1165230424 I know the guys thats selling it here in aus. he's asking $1350 ono. MINI BIKE THUMPER, 125cc PIT RACER PRO 2007 MODEL....J-Ling 4 Stroke start in any gear engine (Engine used in original Thumpstar Bikes better than Ducar 125cc and Lifan 138cc)....Mikuni Carby...Twin Chromolly Pipe Frame with engine cradle and 3 point engine mount...Spring Loaded Levers...Adjustable Dampener on Forks including compression and rebound...Adjustable rear shock...Alloy and Chrome Exhaust.......12'rear wheel.....14' front tyres....Alloy Rims....Kenda Milliville Tyres....F/R Disc Brakes with braided lines...lots more trick bits What yas think ben.
  5. Ok, so out of 10 what would you guys rate the x2?
  6. what else could i do appart from the bore kit?
  7. If i got the x2, is there much out there for mods out there for em? like big bore kits etc? ben.
  8. Who own a 125 x2? is it a good ride and are there any like problems with it? Like Pros and Cons. Thanks Ben.
  9. is there a 50 model bike that has the same plastic as a pit bike? like crf or xr? coz im looking at sticker kits.
  10. outlaw! thats the one! whats the website? thanks a ton!! Ben.
  11. Some one made or posted a thread with a link to some shweet graphix, i can remember on of the graphix hade like a revolver or handgun on it n some others. can you please help me!? i've tryed searching but no luck yet. Thanks Ben.
  12. wich exhaust brand/system would give me maximum power? Thanks Ben.
  13. Anyone heard of them? are they any good? and has anyone herd of FYR Industries? Thanks Ben.
  14. is it possible to put something like a 125 thumpstar engine on a postie? when i ask this i mean by: would a thumpstar engine bolt on the same as the ct110 engine does? Ben.