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  1. DuncanL

    Speedo eliminator kit???

    Do you really need to remove the speedo drive? My Trailtech came with a plastic stopper which plugs the hole with the cable removed. The Talon hub I'm using was designed to work with the speedo, so I just used the plastic plug and haven't thought about it since.
  2. DuncanL

    KTM 690 Enduro released

    That's right! That's why the 990 Adventure is only 999cc, the 560 SMR is 565cc, etc... Or perhaps KTM are just not the best at choosing model numbers for their bikes. But they're better than the dyslexic Triumph and their old 595, with 955cc
  3. Here, let me help you with that: HTH
  4. DuncanL

    mikuni HSR42 pumper on 650r??

    I've recently fitted one to my xrr. If you're after a roller pumper carb on the cheap, it's well worth looking at. It's a bit of a tight squeeze and requires tilting towards the frame (without modify the tank). This does result in the corner of the float bowl being close to the exhaust. If you've an FMF power bomb pipe, you may find it won't fit. But otherwise fits with just a little attention to the throttle bracket. I'm still working out the jetting, after some pointers from Bruce. 140 main, 25 pilot, and leanest pumper. I'm still using the standard needle and jet as I can't find the 9DJH1-01 listed. Perhaps you used the 9DJY01 from the TM40/HS40?
  5. DuncanL

    keihin fcr

    It's definitely been done, as here's the proof: But I don't know any details as I only squirrelled the pic. -Duncan
  6. DuncanL

    Gearing a tard

    I'm running 15-42 on mine, and it's pretty much right for my riding. -Duncan
  7. DuncanL

    Oh crap, screw left over (XRR)

    On second thoughts, the tank bolts are longer than that and the washer is wider. Dunno what it's from. Sorry. -Duncan
  8. DuncanL

    Oh crap, screw left over (XRR)

    Looks like it could be one of the two bolts that holds the front of the tank on? -Duncan