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  1. I have acquired two mx bikes in perfect condition, low hours, like new. One is an '06 Honda crf450 and the other is a '12 Yamaha yz450. The Honda was a barn find with 2 hours on it. The Yamaha was a practice bike with 10 hours on it. I bought them both on Craigslist for the Southern California desert, one for me, and one for my son when he comes for a visit. Yeah, I think these bikes are wrong for the desert, especially since I'm old and neither bike has electric start. I find that here in the desert it's hard to start a bike when it's 100 degrees outside and you're already exhausted. So I want to sell one bike and keep the other. Then I want to get a KTM 250 xc with electric start. So which one should I sell? I like the Honda better, but the YZ has EFI while the Honda does not. Yet the Honda has a hot start button, while the Yamaha does not. I think the Honda handles better, but maybe they're not set up exactly the same (sprockets, clickers). Help me out with your ideas. I can't decide which one to keep.
  2. So I got this 2006 Honda CRF450r off of Craigslist, and the guy only rode it for about 4 hours -- no kidding. The engine cases look new, and none of the bolts look like they've ever been turned with a wrench. The carb was gummed up and that was the only thing wrong with it. It still has the original tires on it, and they look 90%. And that's why I am writing with a question. These tires seem hard, not squishy at all. However, there is no cracking of the rubber, not even any micro cracks. So I went riding. The tires worked well in the desert, which was marbley over hard packed dirt, and sometimes thick sand. But I want to go to an MX track next, and I'm wondering if I shouldn't get new tires. I'm new to MX -- can't jump worth beans and when I go to the track I'll be the slowest one there, for sure. So I don't know what to expect from these tires. For safety reasons or performance reasons, should I get new tires? Or will I be fine with these old tires? Thanks in advance for any opinions.
  3. I got the 150F because it can be fun for me (experienced rider) and my teenage son, who is inexperienced. These bikes can be found used for around $1,500, so it's a good entry level bike. I like the 150F over the R because the R is too smal, and, even used, they always go for $3,000 and more. I heard the 230F is more powerful but because it weighs more it is no faster than the 150F, and they cost more. One disadvantage of the 150F and 230f is their suspension, if you'er an adult rider. The modded 150F that I have now with everything on it is lightweight and fun, but it is not a race bike. It can do a wheelie in 4th gear. Top speed with a 45 rear sprocket is 70 mph (but in the video both bikes had 48 rear sprockets and same stock front sprockets). This modded 150F is perfect for the person for whom the 150R is too much bike, a person that just wants to rip around in the dirt or hang with most 250s on the trail. If you already have a 150F, it's worth doing performance upgrades. But if you don't have one and you're looking for something more, then buy a 150RB as that is a notch above.
  4. I want to say about $1,300 for the upgrade. I got all the parts over winter and I can't freakin' remember past last week. If you're really serious, call Engines Only and ask them. The saying is true: There's no replacement for displacement.
  5. I have two CRF150Fs and I just got done putting in a 175cc big bore kit in one of them. Now there's a power difference between the two bikes, so I tried to show what that's like in a video. The modded bike got a 175cc piston, a Stage II cam, 28mm flat slide carb and a new exhaust. Also, I'm not affiliated with the big bore kit maker, just a customer. Click to view: http://youtube.com/watch?v=exdUiCh9xHU
  6. That was a sweet vid. You are lucky to have access to a track like that. You guys got some good air time on that double. Were there two doubles? Man, I need a track like that to practice on. I suck at motocross but that track didn't look too technical. I think I could do it. I bet you get a good workout.
  7. That's in Williamston in a secluded area on a friend's farm. Never met DB but I can't say as I know that many people.
  8. Just thought this might be interesting to anyone who wants to know what riding on the ice is like. I posted this at SMJ and now here, and that's about it. We went riding Sunday. The KX500 rules, and the rider isn't too shabby either. Hope you enjoy this. It was so fun. Clicky: http://youtube.com/watch?v=tcQJU5PfQAY
  9. Thanks for the help, everyone. I appreciate your friendly advice and will follow it. Just a quick follow-up question: Do you mean I should get a "55" pilot jet or since the stock one was a "50s" should I get a "55s"? The "s" has something to do with the tiny holes on the side. Someone please chime in. Thank you.
  10. Hey Eddie I see that you are helping others who posted after me. This was my first post asking for help. Am I doing something wrong? If so, just let me know. Thanks.
  11. To the jetting guru: Here is my situation . . . The bike is a 1999 Honda XR650L which seems to run OK, but maybe it could be better. I just put the FMF can on. It is a little hard to start and there is sometimes popping on deceleration, which I would like to stop. There are photos of the spark plug below. Also, info on the current jetting and other pertinent info is next. Main Jet: 152 Pilot Jet: 50s Stock carburetor Stock header pipes with FMF-2 Can Elevation: 900 ft. above sea level I ran the bike wide open in 4th gear and while it was wide open I turned off the ignition and pulled in the clutch, coasting to a stop . . . to check the plug. The plug is below. When I first took it out, the plug's outer round edge was wet but by the time I took the photo that wetness had dried and it simply looks black: Any suggestions? Let me thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Okemos
  12. I just fixed up my KTM 525 so that I could ride with the cool kids on ice. Half of them are over 50. This is Michigan, 23 degrees. Video: http://media.putfile.com/Fun-On-Ice-85