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  1. BillyFischbach

    Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

    Me (Son) ride the 01. My father rides the 00.
  2. BillyFischbach

    Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

    Dads turn..My son, I call him Jr.. Been caling him that since he was born..I'm glad for the most part that the replies of sort of mirrored what I have been preaching except for the girl related ones..My son is a good rider. Its my dream come true being able to ride with him. He has watched me ride since he was born. Hes witnessed accidents and watched me drag race. I just wish I could speed up the survival skill aspect of riding and install that extra sense we get over the years thats keeps us from trouble on the road..It woories me, but he has to have his chance. WE do enjoy riding our pair of DRZ's. Even riding wheelies thru intersections and stuff..BTW..When do you grow out of that. I'm 47.
  3. BillyFischbach

    Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

    Everyone does that, but theres a right place, and a wrong place. Yes I do all of that off-road, and on-road when my dad does it haha. But I know enough to not driving down main street going 80 and wheeleing all over the place.
  4. BillyFischbach

    Look what I got.

    I want your bike
  5. BillyFischbach

    Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

    m22. No lameless found in your reply. My dad is worried about all the right things, just maybe a little too worried. He thinks im going to ride around town doing wheelies, burnouts and drive crazy all over..which he doesn't understand that im getting older and don't really have interest in acting like that.
  6. BillyFischbach

    Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

    DRZ400Squid, about the moving out part. I help with the family business and clean the house and yard 24/7. Sure he won't want me to move out. I should use that in my favor. Dad im not vacuming unless I get my license. I bring up the license every two seconds. He asks me to do something, I ask if I need a license to do it, etc, etc. Well the news is that I am going to the course in september and getting my license. I don't want to go on a road trip, just run around town, grab a bite to eat, stuff of the sort.
  7. BillyFischbach

    Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

    Well thanks for all the replies, my dad told me before I get my license I will be taking the motorcycle safety class which gives me my license, insurance goes up $130 -+ a year. And I think im getting it september. He is worried about my say, showing off on the road. Thanks for all the replies guys I like the input!!
  8. BillyFischbach

    Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

    My name is Billy, I am 17 years old. I have been riding a DRZ400 for about 8 months now. I ride frequently, not every day but a few times a week. I ride trails, and I ride on the street with my father. I currently have my motorcycle permit that allows me to ride next to or with a licensed rider on the street. I am debating with my father on why I should be allowed to own a motorcycle license for around town riding. I would like your opinions on the subject. Thanks
  9. BillyFischbach

    New Rims, Misc Plastics!! [PICS]

    Hey guys, dad just got his new rims together and put back on, lemme know what you think of the bike all together, we are very happy with it. http://img482.imageshack.us/img482/8938/pict00010ko.jpg http://img389.imageshack.us/img389/2699/pict00029ma.jpg http://img482.imageshack.us/img482/4291/pict00032qs.jpg http://img66.imageshack.us/img66/9646/pict00047sj.jpg http://img389.imageshack.us/img389/766/pict00054pg.jpg
  10. BillyFischbach

    35 Mpg???

    After our ride up the mountain and back, we averaged 65-+ MPG.
  11. BillyFischbach

    New DRZ, need top list of repairs / mods

    http://drz.info/ Would be a good place to start off.
  12. BillyFischbach

    i ran from the police.....

    Its an Acerbis Blitz headlight
  13. BillyFischbach

    speaking of DRZ and wh00lies

  14. BillyFischbach

    Under? Over? Inbetween?

    Its a 00' DRZ 400
  15. BillyFischbach

    Under? Over? Inbetween?

    That strap is for a enduro tank bag, I am taking your view on if the strap is between the cable or under it