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  1. Crstof250

    Installing Pro circuit pipe...need help!

    I appologize if I am off base with this, But When i put my Pro Circuit on, I didn't think the mid pipe would fit over the header They looked the same diameter.... But upon sliding them together.... it works ! I agree, it's odd that the pieces sit offset, but I have no problem with mine. There is no exhaust leak.... Make sure you follow the directions, loosen everything it tells you to. As you put things back in place and tighten up, It all falls into place !! It should be fine !
  2. Crstof250

    06 WR 250 and the " GREY WIRE " Mod

    Thanks.... The Free Mods post about the grey wire wasn't too clear about the 06's But, F*&$% it.... I'm gonna remove it..... I can always put it back right ! ! ! ( I'm sure I won't )
  3. I thougth a comment was made about the 06's not needing to do the grey wire mod..... I've looked around and can't seem to find the post, or a straight answer.... Anyone know for sure if the grew wire mod will still work on the 06's ????? Anyone with an 06 do the mod an notice a difference??? Thanks in advance !!!!!!
  4. I just got done adding a Pro circuit T-4 to my 06 WR and re jetted it. I haven't done any of the free mods yet, but just what I have done has woken up that bike something fierce ! Third gear is a MONSTER now ! Stock, the power band jumps in 2nd.... now it kicks in - in third, and hang on I was running over a 3/4 mile wooped out trail at 60mph this weekend...... and it felt freakin sweet ! This weekend was the first time I was able to ride since I did the mods 2 weeks ago. ( I travel with my job ) I bought my slip on pipe from Parts Direct ( check partsdirect.com) I was looking at FMF, but was suggested the PC for quality / craftmanship. ( nothing against FMF) It's 50 bucks more, but I'm real happy with it. The T-4 has a spark arestor and can buy scilencers.... If you buy a slip on, check Thumper talk or parts direct for best price ! ! ! I would like to know if the 06 WR250 Gray wire Mod is necessary!!??? I read something a few weeks ago, but can't find it now. I thought it said the Gray wire mod was not needed anymore...???? You will like the improvement of performance! ! ! !
  5. Crstof250

    Yamaha Blaster Speed?

    Friends of mine both have 2005 blaster's and I have clocked them side by side @ 55-60 on my Wr250 then I down shifted into 4th and smoked them both......
  6. Crstof250

    weight of 06 yzf250??

    Yamaha.com look up YZF they have all the specs
  7. There are some nice places to ride up at Mt. Charleston, a bit cooler instaed of the valley. Plus Cold Creek, again in the elevation, I haven't ridden there, but have hiked in the area. Looks like alot of trails. I do know of 4x4 trail, Wheeler Pass, That goes from Cold Creek over the mountain and into Pahrump. So you do have some options if you can't handle the fever to ride before it cools down. Personally, I take the boat out.... that calms the fever to ride durring the summer....
  8. Crstof250

    Nevada Mystery 250

    I haven't heard of it, what is it? 250 mile race ? How/ where do you find out info on it?
  9. Crstof250

    What is required to legally off-road in Nevada?

    You will love the Logandale Trails.... Lately my friends and I have been riding there pretty frequently. There is a good mix of terrain there. Sand and hard trail, hills, rock climbing. One trial through the sand and over some rocks will get you to some Petroglyphs.... There are hundreds of trails there! I don't think I will ever get tired of riding there. Even though I have to drive an hour from town to get there, it's well worth it ! As far as rules and regs, That I'm not familiar with. I know I should be, but I haven't ridden since the late 80's and back then, me and my friends would ride straight out into the desert from their front yard...... I just got back into riding this year, It's time I checked into the regs myself....
  10. Crstof250

    Oil Question

    That Paper is very informative ! Everyone should take a look at it..... It's an eye opener ! I know on my next oil change, I will be switching my brand ! !
  11. I want to know if there are any tricks or mods that can be done to give an automatic quad a bit more power. We all open up our bikes and quads by rejetting and pipes.. etc. But What about an automatic ? Is there an impact because of the auto trans, that limits how much performance the motor will give??? The engine feels like it's got more, but has a governor. I played with the throttle stop, and it was all the way open. I bought my wife an 06 Wolverine 350, and I want to see if I can squeeze a bit more out of it, or, open it up.... This is her first off road vehicle what so ever, and she loves it, but I think it could do a little better for a 350. Any input would be great ! ! ! Thanks
  12. Crstof250

    Leak Jet part#?????

    Thanks Barton ! ! ! Lot of info came from your links !
  13. Crstof250

    oil tank not filling up

    I you have a " dry sump" like my WR, the dip stick being up by the handle bars, then you have to run the bike for five mins. or so before you will get a reading. I don't exactly know how everything works, but I am figuring that when the bike is running, the oil gets pushed up into the frame, there for you get an oil reading after the bike has been running for a while. Hope that was some help for you.....
  14. Crstof250

    rev limiter on 2005 yz250F

    To take this one step further, I was told by a guy I met out on the trails about getting a " Rev Box " would this raise the limit, or eliminate it totaly? I have a WR250 that I just put on a slip on pipe and jetted. I noticed on the asphalt, it sputters, like hitting a rev limit, when I run through all the gears. But in the dirt, I don't seem to have that problem. The bike just gets up and goes ! ! ! Third gear is a monster now ! ! ( I LIKE IT ! ! ) I Think I only hit about 57 mph on the road, topped in 5th, but in the dirt I was pushing 70, NOT topped out....
  15. Crstof250

    just got the pipe on

    I agree with Matt96..... I just put on a Pro circuit T4 and went from the stock MJ 42 to a #45 and Pilot #178 I'm not sure the purpose of the leak jet, and " dropping the clip position " I could usae some educating...... I am used to my old XT200 with the screw on cap carb.....