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  1. Jeffro412

    Any Michigan rides planned for the 19-20 of sept?

    A few of us will be riding the Denton loop Saturday morning and possibly St. Helen later in the day.
  2. Jeffro412

    Zero intake valve clearance?

    What a small world, after doing some research on Ron at RHC, I found out that he buys his valves from a company that I used to work for, funny thing is that I have actually seen Ron walking around the shop a month or so before I left the company. Guess its time to cash in on a favor from the old place of employment. Thanks again for the help.
  3. Jeffro412

    Zero intake valve clearance?

    I recently bought a used 2004 CRF 450R and this is the first time I have ever had to deal with valves, it has always been 2-strokes. After roughly 5 hours of riding, it will not start. After reading almost every thread about valves on this site, I decided to check and adjust them myself. My question is if the intake valves have zero clearance, should I buy valves that are .006" smaller which would put them within the specified tolerance of .005" - .007" or should I buy a few sizes? Also is it possible to shim the valves enough to get a few more hours of riding, or should I save the headache and send it out for valve work? I will be riding Michigan trails only, no racing. Michigan Mafia.