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  1. 100% sound advice, after trying most of the popular maps now I have to say it’s hard to pick something better than the stock zero map for allround uk riding. That said my buddy over at Yamaha off road experience has figured a map out which he will test this weekend so will be interesting to see how it pans out
  2. I’ve just switched from Ktm to yam my last ktm was an xcw150 but before that I had an xcf 250 and before that a 350xcf. i can honestly say the yam is my favourite hands down (2018 Wr250f) ktm have such poor quality in the materials they use, they look used really quickly, yes on th scales they are lighter but it’s just not noticeable when your actually riding, I personally was not a fan of the 350 xcf it was crap at slow going technical ridding, much more so than the yam and it has a bigger bike feel due to the extra cc turning over. The suspension is ok but needs a revalve to get the best out of it where as the yam is just so good out the box. with the ability to change the power delivery on the yam to me the motor feels stronger than the Ktm 250 but not as much as a handful as the 350 making it the perfect balance
  3. Cool I’ll give the hard hitting map a go, I want the bike to rip but also be good at super low speed
  4. Mega thank you. How do you find the hard hitting map for stalling resistance ? I like the power to be some what aggressive but also want to be able to tackle super low speed stuff with out the constant stalling
  5. Thanks mate, i think the 18 Wr250f will have a different base map to previous models as the motor has changed a fair bit in 2018. have you got a link to the aggressive map your ruining please
  6. Tobt85 thanks dude, can you clarify which map out of the ones you’ve posted was best ? The last one looks interesting, I can’t see the Dyno graph to see the figures as it comes up blurred on my screen, also what bike are they tested on ? Thanks again dude
  7. Had a good test today using a few different maps Dbt map was good all round but not sure it was the best stock zero map was also really good all round not stand out but no complaints the Hard map softened was a lot like the dbt map but seemed the best for slow speed with a really good resistance to stalling. The rich map was super strong and really came alive at in the mid and top end but wasn’t that nice of the bottom at low throttle and blips on the clutch. what I would like would be the hard map softened bottom end with the rich map top end.
  8. Thanks dude bike is fully open and derestricted from Crescent Yamaha with Akra silencer
  9. Thanks dude and no worries my pal over at Yamaha off road experience here in the uk has hooked me up with a map they have had really good results with for Enduro, first intial test and it feels really good and lugs super low
  10. So just contacted my dealer and the uk bikes come fully open and the base map set at all zeros
  11. Thanks the uk bikes are fully unplugged and in race spec so the same as the YZ250FX etc which a lot of people are suggesting run better from what I’ve read with either of the two maps pictured above, so if anyone can clarify that or share there experience with mapping that would be great cheers
  12. Hey lads been trawling through old threads regarding the best maps available. I’ve got a new UK 18 WR250F with Akra silencer and 2 keep coming up being highly recommended for smooth strong power with great resistance to stalling.... they are “the map softened” and the “dbt” map Which is the best out of these 2 or are there any other maps that work better ? cheers
  13. Yes thanks for acknowledging my original questions and thoughts, I was wondering if I would miss the light feel and thought this would be a good place to see if anyone had also ridden both and how the wr/fx would be in the tight stuff, I ask because I also know that allthough some bikes are heavy on the scales if there well balanced then not so noticeable when your actually on it. Aftet taking into account the pros and cons and made the move, my wr now weighs less than a standard FX (only by 2kg) due to removing all the lights, loom, licence plate hanger and swapping out the led acid battery for a lithium and stock silencer for a titanium Akra
  14. A little....maybe 😂 I’m not being daft I just think the massive spring that’s nearly the size of the stand it’s self and the scaffolding holding it to the peg are gash, something neater would be cool