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  1. destroyer_au

    Xr650r and xr400r stator

    You might want to try emailing Ricky Stator directly if you need reassurance.. They are usually only too happy to answer these kinds of questions, and it shouldnt take them long to answer.. Trail Tech and Baja Designs also rewind stators, but dont really specialise in it, so anyhow they should know aswell.
  2. destroyer_au

    XR650R lifespan, problems, price etc

    Well after a while I sold the TE610 and bought a 2k1 xr650r I bought the XR650R cheap with only 5000kms on it, and also an aftermarket pipe (staintune). It had a destroyed front end.. (collapsed from riding into a ditch). The fork tubes were bent, front rim flattened, axel bent, headlight smashed, but the rest of it was fine (tripple clamps, stearing head, frame etc). I also found a front end cheap from another otherwise wrecked bike, and combined the two ;-)... I couldnt have been happier with the result. Just an opinion on the two bikes: I love the XR650R, it's a great bike, better than I expected. On almost all terrain I find it easier to go faster than I could on the Husky. I think in hard slow terrain like erroded uphill trails, that's mostly because of low end torque and a better clutch feel, making it lots harder to stall. The lower seat is also helpful. The husky had awesome suspension for soaking up larger hits, but the XR deals with small things like stutters in dirt roads a lot better at various speeds. It isnt too bad at larger hits, like small jumps, but just isnt as nice as the husky was. Then again the Husky I owned had the suspension upgraded by teh previous owner and I'm comparing it to a stock XR. .. still the husky was lighter and had USD forks... The XR being a fair bit heavier (about 25kg), can be a just little harder to keep upright while turning on things like sand berms ;p .. but it has more power, more top speed, and a really nice maitenence cycle on the engine. Oh and the Husky's seat is like a razor blade .. which takes some getting used to, and is no fun for commuting. I'll post pics of both bikess sometime in the near future, when I have done some worthwhile mods to the xr.
  3. destroyer_au

    Theft Insurance

    I had my XR400R insured against theft, the policy cost me $700, and the bike was insured for $6000. The basic excess in case it was stolen was $400. The bike actually did get stolen, and it took the f&^kers over 6 months to pay me. In my opinion I was always treated very rudely by the insurance company, and they took every opportinuty to do the same to my family and friends. They have a way of trying to make you feel like a criminal, obfuscating the claim process, and never giving straight answers to simple questions, even if you think you claim is a simple open and shut case. I've asked around and it seems that many people have had similar problems with insurance companies. So I ask the question, what's the point? I paid 1/6th of the bikes total value (including excess) for one years insurance... Spend the money on good anti-theft devices such as a decent alarm disc lock, a half inch or more thick steel cable for securing it to things, hidden GPS/sms based tracking, and alarm for your shed.. And then you'll never have to deal with the insurance ******** in your life, which trust me, is a good thing. I honostly would never take out non-compulsory insurance on a motorcycle again. For a larger vehicle the most cover i'd bother with is non-compulsory third party property, since if unlucky you might cause a lot of damage... Cheers ;-)
  4. destroyer_au

    Xr650r and xr400r stator

    I talked to ricky-stator about this exact thing.. With the idea was I would buy a stator to put in my 400R, and then later put it in a 650R when I upgraded. They told me the stators they wind for 400/650R US bikes are identical. By default the stator in the 650R generates more power, especially in the AU and EU bikes. I believe that is about the only difference.
  5. destroyer_au

    What's your pet peeve about motorcycling?

    Just mentioning for interests sake, it's been illegal to use non-handsfree phones in cars here (Australia) for ages now..
  6. destroyer_au

    XR600 vs XR650

    There's been a bit of talk about top speed for these bikes.. So I thought I would add a bit. Can't say much about the XR600R, as I've never owned one, but if they are anything like the XR400R I can understand why people like them ;-) I used to run an 15/38 gearing on my XR400, and I could get it up to 145km/h (on the rev limiter) if given some space on the highway.... not really a nice thing to do to the engine, but at that speed the bike will develop headshake even with smooth tyres if you relax your arms for long enough (knobbies throw the head around a lot) I'm currently running 15/42 on my XR650R and I have had it to 180km/h (and i didnt need much space, really).. That's the fastest I've been on it yet, and to be honost it feels a hell of a lot more stable at speed than the 400. Still at 180km/h strong wind pressure combined with a little bit of headshake when decelerating doesnt really feel so nice either ;-D I like both bikes a lot, but the 650 is definitely great if high speed or long distance cruising between trails is your thing. Im absolutely sure it can do 200km/h with 15/38 gearing. With 16t/36t sprockets on it i really wonder just how fast it could go.
  7. destroyer_au

    Anybody running 20" front wheel?

    What about lacing an 18" rear rim to the front hub? Might be an easy/cheap way to get a set of motard wheels...
  8. destroyer_au

    XR650R lifespan, problems, price etc

    Whoops, I lost my patience and bought a good condition Husky TE610 with aftermarket exhaust system and pumper carb ... .... I suppose I should head over to the Husky forum for now.... But I will be back!
  9. destroyer_au

    XR650R lifespan, problems, price etc

    Nice, I kind of expected it but still great to hear these beasts are just as reliable as the 250/400 CC versions.
  10. destroyer_au

    XR650R lifespan, problems, price etc

    Thanks for the input everybody I got curious and checked the prices on US ebay... Seems like it would be cheaper to pay all import duties + GST + shipping to import a used bike from the states than it would be to buy the same one here ;-) *sigh* ;p So far I don't think it's possible to find a decent low km used bike here for less than $5000, and probably a little rarer to have decent aftermarket parts on it at that price, but I'll keep my eyes open. ... just gotta hold it together and wait for the right bike InternalCombustion: Interestingly .AU ebay shows thumpers from other Japanese manufactuers seem to sell very cheaply in comparision with the XRs.. maybe half price. The XR650Rs in particular seem to hold onto their value.. Bad for me, but I suppose thats good news if you bought one new ;-) ProMed, nice bike I wish there were a few like that turning up on ebay here.
  11. Hi all I'm just looking at buying my first XR650R which will be a used one.. Just wondering what is the max kilometres/mileage you can get on one of these before problems are inevitable? What kinda probs would you expect to see at various mileage? (engine/stearing head etc?) I'm not really in too great a rush to buy, but I'm looking at one at the moment, a 2000 model with 16000km (9900 miles) on it (the Australian version has an odometre (in km), dunno if the US version does). The seller wants $4650AUD ($3550USD) for it. Looks kinda scratched up, has all the gear required to be road legal, but still reasonably presentable, what do ya reckon about the price? Thanks for your input!
  12. destroyer_au

    trailtech speedo

    trailtech.net are shipping vapor now ;p
  13. destroyer_au

    a cap full of 2 stroke oil in the gas tank?

    maybe he has jetting problems